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Current Committee

Voting members

Curtis Fergusoncf272From EA31 May 2015
Frank Langraisfl344By GPSA31 May 2014
Lisa Liulgl39From SA31 May 2014
Melissa Lukasiewiczmrl88Member31 May 2014
Greg Mezeygnm5Chair31 May 2014
Daniel Sinykindns52From GPSA31 May 2014
Brandon Thompsonbrt36By SA31 May 2014
Randy Waynerow1Member31 May 2014
Kathy Zonerkrz1By EA31 May 2014

Ex-officio and non-voting members

Jim Blairjnb58Observer31 May 2014
Melissa Lukasiewiczmrl88Observer31 May 2014

Current Members

Past Committee Members

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