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Current Members


Muhammad Dadimid1Art Department31 May 2015
Kieran Donaghy (Michael Manville)kpd23 (mkm253)Department of City and Regional Planning31 May 2015
Daniel Keoughdpk22Graduate and Professional Student Assembly30 Jun 2015
Marianne Krasny (Steven Wolf)mek2 (saw44)Department of Natural Resources31 May 2015
Ned La Cellenl85Employee Assembly30 Jun 2016
Donald Rakowdr14Plantations31 May 2015
Susan Rileysfr4Employee Assembly30 Jun 2015
Michael Tomlan (Jeffrey Chusid)mat4 (jmc286)Graduate Program in Historic Preservation31 May 2015
Peter Trowbridgepjt4Landscape Architecture Program31 May 2015
Kyu Jung Whangkw253Facilities Services31 May 2015

Ex-officio and non-voting

David Cutterdmc86University Landscape Architect31 May 2015
Gilbert Delgadogd222University Architect31 May 2015
Thomas Li Vigne (Kristin Gutenberger)tpl6 (keg7)Director of Cornell Real Estate Department31 May 2015

Current Members

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