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Joining Assemblies Committees

This document describes the general process for joining assemblies committees. Note that application requirements may vary from committee. For more information about joining a specific committee, please visit that committee’s web site.

Undergraduate Students, Graduate and Professional Students, and Non-Faculty Employees

Online applications are provided in the “Get Involved” section of each committee’s website. You may access these websites through the list of committees. The Office of the Assemblies receives the applications, and forwards to the appropriate staffing authority. Applications received in the spring semester are generally reviewed toward the end of the academic year for students and the fiscal year for employees. Applications received in the fall are reviewed on a rolling basis to staff vacancies not filled in the spring membership campaign.

Please contact the Office of the Assemblies if you would like more information about committees or assistance finding the best way for you to get involved in campus governance.


Except where otherwise indicated, faculty positions on assemblies committees are staffed by the Faculty Senate. Since the Faculty Senate is external to the Office of the Assemblies, please inquire directly through the following address if you are a member of Cornell faculty and are interested in serving on an assemblies committee:

Contact Committees

109 Day Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255–3715
fx. (607) 255–2182

Hours: 9a - 12:15p, 1p - 4:30p, M - F