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Current Members

Executive committee

Joseph Ambrosettijwa72Vice Chair for Finance31 May 2014
Eric Leeewl46Vice Chair for Communications31 May 2014
Greg Mezeygnm5Executive Vice Chair31 May 2014
Brigitt Schaffnerbms3Chair31 May 2014
Pilar Thompsonpav37Vice Chair for Internal Operations31 May 2014


Joseph Ambrosettijwa72At-large Member31 May 2014
James Ballersteinjwb2Member31 May 2015
Nancy Bellnmc52At-large Member31 May 2014
David Brooksdjb297Non-exempt Member31 May 2015
Bridget Cristellibac89At-large Member31 May 2015
Linda Croll Howellllc36Exempt Member31 May 2015
Marie Anne De Roosmld52Non-exempt Member31 May 2014
Bill Estywpe2Exempt Member31 May 2014
Curtis Fergusoncf272Exempt Member31 May 2014
Tanya Grovetl40Exempt Member31 May 2015
Hazel Hallhmh23At-large Member31 May 2015
Eric Leeewl46Non-exempt Member31 May 2014
Greg Mezeygnm5Exempt Member31 May 2014
Leslie Morrislm60Exempt Member31 May 2015
Joseph Roganjfr229Non-exempt Member31 May 2015
Brigitt Schaffnerbms3At-large Member31 May 2015
BJ Siasocobrs35At-large Member31 May 2014
Michelle Stefanski Seymourmms24Non-exempt Member31 May 2014
Pilar Thompsonpav37Non-exempt Member31 May 2015

Ex-officio and non-voting

Nancy Doolittlenjd3Ex-officio member31 May 2015
Greg Mezeygnm5Executive Vice Chair31 May 2014
Alan Mittmanalm63Ex-officio member30 Jun 2016
Mary Oppermanmgo5Ex-officio member31 May 2014
Susan Robertsonsr499Staff31 May 2014
Brigitt Schaffnerbms3Chair31 May 2014

Support Staff

Gina Giambattistaggc9Assistant Director30 Jun 2014
Claire Lendercml258Student Clerk30 Jun 2014
Brian Murphybjm256Student Clerk30 Jun 2014
Amy O’Donnellaro2Assemblies Coordinator30 Jun 2014
Aastha Wadhwaaw494Student Clerk30 Jun 2014
Noah Wegenerndw24Student Clerk30 Jun 2014

Current Staff

Past Members

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