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2008 Spring Student-Elected Trustee

These elections are overseen by the Trustee Nominating Committee.

Information for Candidates

Information for Voters

Profiles have been removed since the term of office has expired.

Eligible voters will receive election materials by e-mail. Contact the Office of the Assemblies for more information.

Election Results

The Trustee Nominating Committee received challenges against three of four candidates. The committee found all challenges without merit and disqualified no candidates. After tabulation of the results, Mike Walsh was elected student trustee for 2008–2010.

The votes were tabulated by the Hare system, also known as instant run-off voting. In this system, voters cast ballots which rank candidates in order of preference. If no candidate has a majority in the first round of balloting, all candidates who earned too few votes to win a majority are disqualified and ballots which list them as the first choice are redistributed to the next highest choice that has not been disqualified. See the election rules for more detail.

CandidateRedistributionTotal VotesStatus
First Round of Balloting
Mike Walsh803803continuing
Xianzheng (Shawn) Kong793793continuing
Whitney Patross318318defeated
Xiaoxiao Li9999defeated
Second Round of Balloting
Mike Walsh157960elected
Xianzheng (Shawn) Kong83876defeated
Whitney Patross−3180defeated in first ballot
Xiaoxiao Li−990defeated in first ballot

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