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2012 Spring Employee Trustee Election

Elections are administered by the Office of the Assemblies on behalf of the Trustee Nominating Committee.

Please note: In order to run or vote in employee elections, you must be employed by the University in a full-time or part-time, non-academic or non-professorial academic position in Ithaca or Geneva. Candidates can not be part of the University Faculty and not be enrolled as a student in a degree-granting program on the Ithaca or Geneva campuses and must plan to remain so for the duration of the term which you seek.

Information for voters

Candidate Profiles

Election results

Alan Mittman was elected.

BLT files were generated from assemblies elections system, then modified to include paper ballots received. Modifications for paper ballots are in log files. 2 paper ballots were received. Results were tabulated using FreeSTV, an unbranded fork of OpenSTV 1.6.1. Reports are in HTML format. The full tabulation results are available. Community members may also obtain ballot data suitable for tabulation in OpenSTV.

There were no challenges filed with the Trustee Nominating Committee regarding this election.

How to become a candidate

Each person who wishes to be a candidate in these elections, must complete the following requirements before 12 noon on Monday, April 2:

  1. Candidates must complete the following requirements online:
  2. Candidates must also print, complete, and return the following documents to 109 Day Hall:
    • Candidate Registration Form: Summarizes what you are required to submit and several statements you must affirm by signature.
    • Employee Trustee Candidate Petition Form: Use this form to collect signatures in support of your candidacy. You must collect 100 valid signatures, although we recommend you collect at least 125. To collect more signatures, print multiple copies of this form. Any employee who will be eligible to vote in the election may sign your petition (even if they would not be eligible to run).

Candidates must complete the following requirements by 12 noon on Tuesday, 26 April 2011:

  1. Candidate Expenditure Report Form: Complete and and bring to 109 Day Hall. This form must be submitted even if the candidate has no expenditures to report.

Candidates must also review and understand these informational items:

Contact Elections

109 Day Hall

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255—3715