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2014 Spring Undergraduate Elections for SA and UA

Elections are administered by the Office of the Assemblies on behalf of the Student Assembly Elections Committee.

Information for voters

Election results

Student Assembly President

  • Sarah Balik (seb295) [2244]
  • Thaddeus Talbot (tat58) [1585] — Thaddeus then fills the Undesignated At Large representative seat that is reserved for non-winning presidential candidates according to Article 4, sec. 1 of the SA charter

Student Assembly Executive Vice President

  • Juliana Battista (jrb473) [3235]

Student Assembly Undesignated At Large - Seat 1

  • Matthew Stefanko (mas758) [1468]
  • Seth Lutsic (sel234) [1420]

Student Assembly Undesignated At Large - Seat 2

  • Lisa Liu (lgl39) [1037]
  • Blake Brown (btb52) [819]
  • Joseph Fridman (jdf256) [517]
  • Alex Fahey (amf297) [437]
  • Anthony Campanella (ajc395) [304]

Student Assembly Agriculture & Life Sciences

  • Matt Henderson (mlh294) [593]
  • Lindsay Wershaw (lbw63) [565]

Student Assembly Architecture, Art & Planning

  • Alexander Zhou (alz28) [69]

Student Assembly Arts and Sciences

  • Emma Johnston (elj49) [649]
  • Noah Tulsky (nst42) [587]
  • William Bitsky (wrb73) [502]

Student Assembly Engineering

  • Vikram Kejariwal (vk255) [385]
  • Rhiana Gademsky (rsg248) [285]
  • Mark LaPointe (mnl38) [231]
  • Justin Selig (jss459) [169]

Student Assembly Hotel Administration

  • Franklin Yang (fsy4) [219]

Student Assembly Human Ecology

  • Lauren Goldman (lrg76) [134]
  • Amber Parrish (amp344) [114]

Student Assembly Industrial & Labor Relations

  • Marc Masson (mjm673) [341]

Student Assembly International at-Large

  • Shivang Tayal (st673) [1264]
  • Nick Mileti (ncm45) [1248]
  • Aditi Bhowmick (dlr249) [1015]

Student Assembly Minority at-Large - Seat 1

  • Syed Ali Khan (sma254) [3000]

Student Assembly Minority at-Large - Seat 2

  • R.J. Raglin (rjr322) [1050]
  • Denzale Reese (dlr249) [1012]
  • Stephanie Hahm (sh799) [964]

Student Assembly Women’s Issues at-Large

  • Yamini Bhandari (yb94) [1819]
  • Cecilia Iachetta (cgi6) [1146]

Student Assembly LGBTQ Liaison at-Large

  • Zak Palomino (zjp5) [1567]
  • Mark Marotto (mgm277) [1293]

University Assembly Undergraduate at-Large

  • Matthew Battaglia (mab622) [1993]
  • Connor McGrath (ckm75) [1935]

How to become a candidate

Each person who wishes to be a candidate in these elections, must complete the following requirements before noon on Monday, 24 February 2014:

  1. Submit the following information via email to our office at:
    • Full name
    • Seat you are running for
    • Net ID
    • Personal statement (up to 1,250 characters including spaces)
    • Please do not use the online candidate information form used in previous elections, as we will not receive your information.
  2. Print, complete, and return the following documents to 109 Day Hall:
    • Candidate Registration Form: Complete and submit to register your candidacy.
    • Candidate Petition Form: Use this form to collect signatures in support of your candidacy from students who are eligible to vote in the race associated with the seat you are seeking (i.e. if you are running for a college position, only members of your college; if you are running for an at large position, any undergraduate student). The number of signatures required depends on the election in which you are seeking to be a candidate:
      • President and Executive Vice President: 300 signatures
      • At Large SA positions: 150 signatures
      • UA and Arts and Sciences: 100 signatures
      • SA college-specific races: 75 signatures
  3. Have your candidate profile picture taken at 109 Day Hall. (taken when you submit your election materials)
  4. Attend at least one Student Assembly meeting after the start of the current semester but before the end of online voting and register your attendance at the meeting with the Director of Elections.
  5. Review and understand these informational items:

Contact Elections

109 Day Hall

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255—3715