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2017 Spring Employee Assembly Elections


College of Arts and Sciences Representative

Bruce Roebal361
Jonathan Fuller349
  • Of the 12,182 eligible voters, 716, or 5.87%, voted in this election.

Uncontested Elections

  • Marjorie Mosereiff - College of Architecture, Art & Planning
  • Chris Dawson - College of Engineering/CIS
  • Dustin Darnell - Infrastructure, Properties & Planning

Remaining Vacant Seats

  • School of Hotel Administration
  • School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Disability

How to become a candidate

As the Employee Assembly continues to review and refine its new representation model, there are more ways to now get involved and represent the staff community. We hope you will consider running for one of the open seats!


All regular full-time and part-time staff members in non-exempt, exempt, or academic non-professorial staff categories who are employed at the Ithaca or Geneva campuses of the university are eligible to run for a seat in this election.

Seats available

  • College of Architecture, Art & Planning
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • College of Engineering/CIS
  • School of Hotel Administration
  • School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Infrastructure, Properties & Planning
  • Disability

Candidate Requirements

Employee candidates must:

  • work full-time or part-time in a non-exempt, exempt, or academic non- professorial staff category
  • work at the Ithaca or Geneva campus
  • work in the corresponding academic college/school if seeking those seats, in the corresponding staff unit if seeking those seats, or identify as a member of the corresponding affinity if seeking those seats.
  • plan to remain so for the duration of their two-year term.
  • collect at least 25 petition signatures on the approved form.


Candidates have until 10:00AM on Wednesday, April 19th to complete the online registration form or submit the following in person to the Office of the Assemblies in 109 Day Hall: Full name Seat for which you are running Net ID Personal statement (up to 1,250 characters including spaces) Photo (we can take your photo at 109 Day Hall if you prefer)

Candidates shall attend a mandatory meeting on Friday, April 28th, 2017 (12:15PM, lunch provided) or send a proxy on their behalf. If they fail to do so, they will be disqualified from the election.

Candidate Forms

  1. Candidates must also review and understand these informational items:

Elections are administered by the Office of the Assemblies on behalf of the Employee Assembly Elections Committee.

Candidate Profiles

College of Art, Architecture & Planning Employee Assembly Representative

Marjorie Mosereiff (mm2478)

Photo of Marjorie Mosereiff

Hello from the Green Dragon! As I enter my 4th fall semester with the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning and my 6th in the Cornell community, there is no better time to represent AAP on the Employee Assembly! AAP will soon be seeing multiple high level leadership changes and I want to be integral to that fresh energy, inspiration, and vision. In my role as the internship coordinator, I actively listen to student concerns and regularly advise and advocate for students on various topics from professional development to alumni networking. I would not be successful in my job if it wasn’t for the other staff members. In turn, I now want to advocate for and support my fellow colleagues on university governance and community issues and address the diverse concerns facing AAP staff. Being the smallest college on campus, I hope to offer a big, positive voice on the Employee Assembly to help improve the working environment and the well-being of AAP employees and Cornell as a whole.

College of Arts & Sciences Employee Assembly Representative

Bruce Roebal (bar2)

Photo of Bruce Roebal

36 years down and 4 years to go, looking forward to my Cornell Captain’s chair, rocker style, upon retirement. That’s the type of recognition you can get for 40 years at Cornell. But before I rock away, as my parting gift to Cornell I want to make yet another difference.

My Cornell journey: Voucher Auditor (1981–84); Administrative Manager, Minority Affairs (1984–93); Administrative Manager, Knight Institute (1993); Administrative Manager, Anthropology and Archaeology (2005). 1989, via the Employee Degree Program, I earned my Master’s in Industrial and Labor Relations, learning that besides pay employees really desire intrinsic recognition. 2001 co-founded with Marianne Marsh the A&S Staff Picnic. It’s still going strong! Representing the Arts College, in 2012 joined the High Five Recognition Committee, sharing kudos large and small with all Cornell staff.

Continuing my efforts to make Cornell a healthier place to work, in 2014 I wrote a letter to President Skorton asking if Cornell could adopt a non-smoking policy similar to one at SUNY Cortland, my alma mater. As a result, last year the smoking policy came up for discussion with the Employee Assembly, with further discussion pending. I want this and more to be my legacy.

Jonathan Fuller (jdf55)

Photo of Jonathan Fuller

I have been a member of Cornell’s Ithaca campus for over 10 years. Starting as a research assistant at BTI, then a lab technician in Emerson. I pursued a MAT degree from Cornell, obtaining it in 2012. After a short stint as a substitute teacher, I began a part-time temporary position within LASSP. After a few years, a full time administrative position opened in LASSP which I applied for and currently fill.

In summary, I have been an affiliate, a researcher, a technician, a graduate student, an admin, a temp, a part timer, and a full-time employee of Cornell. This gives me a wide perspective of experiences on the campus and I believe that they can serve the Employee assembly, if I am chosen as the representative for the College of Arts and Sciences.

As an administrator, my door is open, and I interact with students, staff, and faculty each day. As a representative, I will hold the same policy; to have an open door and willing to hear any and all concerns to be brought to the assembly.

College of Engineering/CIS Employee Assembly Representative

Chris Dawson (cmd35)

Photo of Chris Dawson

I have worked at Cornell as a writer and web content creator since 2013. Before that I had a 25-year career as a teacher in Newfield and in New Haven, CT. A big portion of my job is to write about faculty members and students and the research that they do. What often gets lost in the focus on faculty and students is the vital role staff play in making all of the work of the University possible. None of it would get done without us.

One forum we have to make our concerns heard is the Employee Assembly. It is a group that can represent the cares and concerns of staff to the University. Rather than one voice pressing for a particular issue or change, your voice is magnified by the Assembly and stands a greater chance of being heard. In my 4 years at Cornell Engineering I have interacted with staff from each school and department as well as Student Services and Facilities. I am impressed every day by how much people know and how dedicated they are to making their piece of Cornell work well.

I would like to represent you on the Employee Assembly for the next two years. If I am elected I will be approachable and responsive and a tireless advocate for staff.

Infrastructure, Properties & Planning Employee Assembly Representative

Dustin Darnell (ddd54)

Photo of Dustin Darnell

I have been a staff member at Cornell for almost 9 years. While at Cornell, I’ve had three different roles. First, I was a union Controls Technician/ Electrician. Second, I was a Controls Engineer. Finally, I am currently a Zone Facilities Manager for the Contract College Zone.

As you see, I have experience as a front-line union employee, exempt support role, and currently moved into the management world. I believe this experience has been very beneficial to me understanding the importance of each staff member at Cornell. During my time here, I have created great relationships with many of you within IPP and across campus. Currently, I am serving on the Rewards and Recognition Committee and I get great joy in seeing the great work our staff is doing every day.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and want to give back to ensure the rest of the staff has the same positive experience. I believe 100% in the IPP Vision, (Accelerate the transformation of Cornell University into a world recognized model of excellence, innovation, and sustainability.) This is only possible with the great staff I work with every day. I hope you reward me with this opportunity to represent each of you in this EA Rep seat for IPP.

Voting Period

Vote Here! Voting was held on-line on Monday, April 24th at 8:00am through Wednesday, April 26th at 12:00pm.

Voting Help

Contact Elections

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