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This page contains final results of recent and past elections.

Spring 2013 Undergraduate

Student Assembly President

Note: Stephen Breedon was withdrawn and not included in tabulation for this election pursuant to a ruling of the Elections Committee on a challenge to his candidacy.

Student Assembly Executive Vice President

Student Assembly Undesignated At Large

  • Geoff Block (gjb68)
  • Jay (Jaeil) Lee (jl2729)
  • Liliana Yiru Ma (ym248)
  • Melissa Lukasiewicz (mrl88)

Student Assembly Charter (Art. IV.1.A) requires that two of the four undesignated at large seats are allocated to students running for undesignated at large, but not President or Executive Vice President. The other two seats may be allocated to any undesignated at large candidate, including President and Executive Vice President candidates. In compliance with this requirement, tabulation was performed separately for each of these classes of seats after tabulation of all candidates together was found to seat more President and Executive Vice President candidates than permitted.

Student Assembly Agriculture & Life Sciences

  • Matt Henderson (mlh294) [403]
  • Lindsay Wershaw (lbw63) [391]
  • Rebecca Harrison (rah288) [372]
  • Kendrick Coq (klc273) [343]

Student Assembly Architecture, Art & Planning

  • Todd Drucker (tad84) [86]

Student Assembly Arts and Sciences

  • Lisa Liu (lgl39) [415]
  • Brandon Thompson (brt36) [350]
  • Noah Tulsky (nst42) [346]
  • Ankita Naraparaju (an362) [323]
  • Jacob Glick (jhg269) [316]
  • Jin Han Kim (jk2293) [289]
  • Stephen Masterson (spm244) [251]
  • Sam Kaplan (sek237) [227]

Student Assembly Engineering

  • Tom Hittinger (tjh238) [366]
  • Rhiana Gademsky (rsg248) [264]
  • Gregory Braciak (gab77) [260]
  • Jacob Sachs (jbs296) [165]
  • Ivette Planell-Mendez (imp6) [157]

Student Assembly Hotel Administration

  • Adrienne Murphy (am955) [196]
  • Francesco Jimenez (fxj3) [113]
  • Pearl Somboonsong (ps684) [103]
  • Jake Michaels (jam839) [81]

Student Assembly Human Ecology

  • Ian Harris (iah26) [414]

Student Assembly Industrial & Labor Relations

  • Matthew Stefanko (mas758) [234]
  • Spencer Nord (sjn47) [159]

Student Assembly International at-Large

  • Enrico Bonatti (ecb85) [3647]

Student Assembly Minority at-Large

  • Cameron Pritchett (cjp99) [2255]
  • Thaddeus Talbot (tat58) [1847]
  • Inge Chen (iyc5) [1019]
  • David Liendo Uriona (dl723) [782]

Student Assembly Women’s Issues at-Large

  • Juliana Batista (jrb473) [2353]
  • Nicole Rosario (nar68) [1281]

University Assembly Undergraduate at-Large

  • George Ruizcalderon (gar97) [3391]

Spring 2013 Student Trustee

Ross Gitlin was elected. Ballot data and tabulation are also available.

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