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Elections: Submit Employee Assembly Candidate Information

Each candidate must submit a profile to inform voters of their qualifications and views. Do this by submitting the following form.

If you make a mistake, you may resubmit the form up to the deadline for elections materials. You will receive an email acknowledgement of receipt once the Office of Assemblies has processed the document. Answers exceeding prescribed length will be truncated before publication.

If you find any mistakes, please let us know right away to assure the correct information is published in the PawPrint and other materials. Please complete the form and submit.

If your statement exceeds the word limits provided below, it or any segments of it included in printed promotional materials may be arbitrarily truncated to meet the space requirements of those publications.

This form is for employee candidates for Employee Assembly only!!!

Your Email
Your Name
Community Involvement On Campus

Community Involvement Off Campus

Special Interests

Something Distinguishing About You That You Are Willing To Share

Personal statement must answer the following question: “What experiences do you bring to the Employee Assembly and why have you decided to run?” (1250 characters or less)

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