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2005 AY Actions

Assembly Actions

  • Election of GPSA Officers
  • M. 1: Regarding Campus Life’s decision to house 20 undergraduates in the Hasbrouck Apartment complex
  • M. 2: To approve, with several recommendations and conditions, the submitted Draft questions for the upcoming University Transportation Referendum
  • R. 1: Calling for the establishment of an Off-Campus Housing Advising Office
  • R. 2: Calling for the consideration of zero-tolerance policies for violent and sexual assault in the Campus Code of Conduct
  • R. 3: Endorsing the United Students Against Sweatshop’s Designated Suppliers Program
  • M. 3: Recommending multi-tiered insurance options which include a low-cost option for student spouses and dependents
  • M. 4: Recommending a Graduate and Professional Student Activity Fee for the 2006-2008 academic years

Council of Representatives Actions

  • Election of GPSA Members