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Current Members

Executive committee

Nicole Barannmb68Counsel31 May 2015
Teja Pratap Bollutb387Vice President for Operations31 May 2015
Catherine Wongkw358Executive Vice President31 May 2015
Catherine Wongkw358President31 May 2015

Voting members

John Balaesjrb493Law31 May 2015
Jeffrey Bergfalkjsb442Physical Sciences31 May 2015
Cora Bestcmb466Biological Sciences31 May 2015
Teja Pratap Bollutb387At Large31 May 2015
Ann Bybee-Finleykab436Biological Sciences31 May 2015
Jesse Goldbergjag525Humanities31 May 2015
Ashley Jonesarj56At Large31 May 2015
William Nicholsonwbn8Social Sciences31 May 2015
Hanes Robertsihr7At Large31 May 2015
Cara Rosenbaumcfr55At Large31 May 2015
Kristie Schlauraffkas465Humanities31 May 2015
Ian Smallims56Biological Sciences31 May 2015
Todd Snidertns35Social Sciences31 May 2015
Alexander Thomsonact65Veterinary Medicine31 May 2015
Richard Walrothrcw244Physical Sciences31 May 2015
Catherine Wongkw358Physical Sciences31 May 2015
Lin Xulx82Social Sciences31 May 2015
Christine Yaocy295Humanities31 May 2015

Field representatives

Chris Aurandta68Food Science and Technology31 May 2015
John Balaesjrb493LAW31 May 2015
Cassandra Bensoncmb465Economics31 May 2015
Paul Berrypgb52Developmental Sociology31 May 2015
Yamini Bhandariyb94Liaison from SA31 May 2015
Teja Pratap Bollutb387Neurobiology and Behavior31 May 2015
Adam Bursiacb264Near Eastern Studies31 May 2015
Brian Byrdbnb29City and Regional Planning31 May 2015
Luciano Caixetalsc75Animal Science31 May 2015
Micaela Carignanomc2287Classics31 May 2015
Joseph Carlinjmc643Chemical Engineering31 May 2015
Rochelle Cassellsrcc264Human Development31 May 2015
John Chavisjtc278Applied Mathematics31 May 2015
Jung Hoon Chungjc2827JGSM31 May 2015
Daniel Citrondtc65Physics31 May 2015
Colin Clementcc2285Physics31 May 2015
Jessica Couchjvc53Fiber Science and Apparel Design31 May 2015
Andrew Crookajc364Industrial and Labor Relations31 May 2015
Verdie Culbreathvmc47English Language and Literature31 May 2015
Megan Danielsmnd24Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology31 May 2015
Stephanie Firehammersf439Aerospace Engineering31 May 2015
Mozelle Foremanmf477Romance Studies31 May 2015
Rachel Grabowskireg223Medieval Studies31 May 2015
Zhen Hanzh78Ecology and Evolutionary Biology31 May 2015
Jorgen Harrisjmh544Economics31 May 2015
Ryan Hearnrdh238Linguistics31 May 2015
Katherine Herlemankch227Geological Sciences31 May 2015
Sarah Hessesah354Chemistry and Chemical Biology31 May 2015
Yang Huyyh5Statistics31 May 2015
Junting Huangjh2358Comparative Literature31 May 2015
James Ingoldsbyjpi4English Language and Literature31 May 2015
Margaret Jodlowskimcj47Applied Econ. and Management31 May 2015
Ashley Jonesarj56Industrial and Labor Relations31 May 2015
J. Michael Kinseyjk2638Theatre Arts31 May 2015
Christina Kortingcmk272Applied Econ. and Management31 May 2015
Thea Kozakistk543Astronomy and Space Studies31 May 2015
Rachel Kreisrak284Entomology (SAGES/Geneva)31 May 2015
Julia Kumpfjmk474Biophysics31 May 2015
Lisa Lehnerll723Science and Technology Studies31 May 2015
Yolanda Linycl4Civil and Environmental Engineering31 May 2015
Alexander Loibenaml372Biomedical Engineering31 May 2015
Linda Majanilrm74Liaison from EA31 May 2015
Carolyn Milanocrm326Genetics, Genomics, & Development31 May 2015
Julia Millerjkm239Plant Biology31 May 2015
Amy Molitorisamm534VET31 May 2015
Lucia Munguialmm327Philosophy31 May 2015
Elizabeth Murnaneelm236Information Science31 May 2015
Nicholas Myersngm34History31 May 2015
Hoang Long Nguyenhn269Chemistry and Chemical Biology31 May 2015
Angela Possingerarp264Soil and Crop Sciences31 May 2015
Alyssa Rasweilerar858VET31 May 2015
Marissa Ricemr868Psychology31 May 2015
Nathaniel Rogersngr27Mechanical Engineering31 May 2015
Jorge Romero Navarrojar547Plant Breeding31 May 2015
Marianne Santosomvs43Nutrition31 May 2015
Joel Schrockjms882JGSM31 May 2015
Cindy Seocs928JGSM31 May 2015
Leticia Smithlbs97Entomology31 May 2015
Jason Spencerjls665Real Estate31 May 2015
Kristen Streahlekes249History of Art, Archaeology, and Visual Studies31 May 2015
Grant Thompsonglt43Horticulture31 May 2015
Alexander Thomsonact65VET31 May 2015
Gaurav Inder Toorgst39Government31 May 2015
Mia Tootillmst88Music31 May 2015
Allison Truhlaramt94Biological and Environmental Engineering31 May 2015
Jacob Vander Burghjav244Biomedical Engineering31 May 2015
Alexander Willenalw285Policy Analysis and Management31 May 2015
Angela Yuamy35Computational Biology31 May 2015
Xihao Zhangxz458Electrical and Computer Engineering31 May 2015
Yinglun Zhuyz727Public Affairs (CIPA)31 May 2015

Members without vote

Nicole Barannmb68Counsel31 May 2015
Yamini Bhandariyb94Liaison from Student Assembly31 May 2015
Kris Cordakc31Director of Big Red Barn31 May 2015
Ross Gitlinrhg68Undergraduate Student Elected Trustee30 Jun 2015
Kent Hubbellklh4Dean of Students31 May 2015
Barbara Knuthbak3Dean of the Graduate School31 May 2015
Linda Majanilrm74Liaison from Employee Assembly31 May 2015
Annie O’Tooleado29Graduate Student Elected Trustee30 Jun 2016

Liaisons to other bodies and organizations

Linda Majanilrm74Liaison to Employee Assembly31 May 2015

GPSA Current Members

Support Staff

Vishal Bhayavsb23Student Clerk30 Jun 2015
Chelsea Chengckc59Student Clerk30 Jun 2015
Gina Giambattistaggc9Assistant Director30 Jun 2015
Claire Lendercml258Student Clerk30 Jun 2015
Brian Murphybjm256Secretariat31 May 2015
Amy O’Donnellaro2Assemblies Coordinator30 Jun 2015
Aastha Wadhwaaw494Student Clerk30 Jun 2015
Noah Wegenerndw24Student Clerk30 Jun 2015

Current Staff

Past Members

Please select the academic year for which you would like to see past membership:

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