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Current Members

Executive committee

Teja Pratap Bollutb387Executive Vice President31 May 2016
Sarah Hessesah354Vice President for Communications31 May 2016
Nathaniel Rogersngr27Vice President for Operations31 May 2016
Richard Walrothrcw244President31 May 2016

Voting members

Ruben Abramovrva9Masters31 May 2016
Chris Aurandta68Biological Sciences31 May 2016
Cassandra Bensoncmb465Social Sciences31 May 2016
Teja Pratap Bollutb387Biological Sciences31 May 2016
Jesse Goldbergjag525Humanities31 May 2016
Sarah Hessesah354Biological Sciences31 May 2016
Margaret Jodlowskimcj47Social Sciences31 May 2016
Khalid Ladhakl834Masters31 May 2016
Amy Molitorisamm534Veterinary Medicine31 May 2016
William Nicholsonwbn8Social Sciences31 May 2016
Nathaniel Rogersngr27Physical Sciences31 May 2016
Kristie Schlauraffkas465Humanities31 May 2016
Todd Snidertns35Social Sciences31 May 2016
Tiffany St. Bernardtas278Physical Sciences31 May 2016
Julian Veintimilladv248Law31 May 2016
Richard Walrothrcw244Physical Sciences31 May 2016
Catherine Wongkw358Physical Sciences31 May 2016
Christine Yaocy295Humanities31 May 2016

Field representatives

Gozde Arabaciga264Biological and Environmental Engineering31 May 2016
Isabel Bandicb9Public Affairs (CIPA)31 May 2016
Shrutarshi Basusb937Computer Science31 May 2016
Alexander Brownasb348Germanic Studies31 May 2016
Micaela Carignanomc2287Classics31 May 2016
Robert Carsonrac428Mechanical Engineering31 May 2016
Mary Centrellamlc344Entomology31 May 2016
Yong Tae Choyc2245JGSM31 May 2016
Daniel Citrondtc65Physics31 May 2016
Angela Coolsalc329Economics31 May 2016
Andrew Crookajc364Industrial and Labor Relations31 May 2016
Shoshana Deutshsmd338Science and Technology Studies31 May 2016
Catherine Doyle Capitmanced97Natural Resources31 May 2016
Bailey Drewesbmd82Nutrition31 May 2016
Amanda Engare54Economics31 May 2016
Stephanie Firehammersf439Aerospace Engineering31 May 2016
Marcus Franklinmcf66Public Affairs (CIPA)31 May 2016
Jackqueline Frostjnf49Romance Studies31 May 2016
Ayse Zeynep Gokselag2252City and Regional Planning31 May 2016
Adrienne Gornyamg444Entomology (SAGES/Geneva)31 May 2016
Katherine Grantkeg89Geological Sciences31 May 2016
Coit Hendley Ivcth34Materials Science and Engineering31 May 2016
Natalie Hofmeisternrh44Ecology and Evolutionary Biology31 May 2016
Yu Cian Hongyh545Astronomy and Space Studies31 May 2016
Yang Huyyh5Statistics31 May 2016
James Ingoldsbyjpi4English Language and Literature31 May 2016
Han Eol Janghrj26JGSM31 May 2016
Caitlin Kanecak269Performing and Media Arts31 May 2016
Daniel Keoughdpk22City and Regional Planning31 May 2016
Marc Kohlbrymck222Comparative Literature31 May 2016
Edward Leeedl56Physics31 May 2016
Rachel Lemckeral348Animal Science31 May 2016
Alexander Loibenaml372Biomedical Engineering31 May 2016
John Lunsfordjpl292Communication31 May 2016
Brian Mc Innisbjm277Information Science31 May 2016
Anurag Meshramaam293Industrial and Labor Relations31 May 2016
Elena Michelejm339Plant Biology31 May 2016
Jordan Mohrjdm447Comparative Biomedical Sciences31 May 2016
Manisha Munasinghemam737Computational Biology31 May 2016
Lucia Munguialmm327Philosophy31 May 2016
Nicholas Myersngm34History31 May 2016
Marika Nellmrn62Civil and Environmental Engineering31 May 2016
Hoang Long Nguyenhn269Chemistry and Chemical Biology31 May 2016
Marcela Patinomp659Food Science and Technology31 May 2016
Valentina Pinochet Barrosvap48Microbiology31 May 2016
Angela Possingerarp264Soil and Crop Sciences31 May 2016
Ryan Postrjp278Neurobiology and Behavior31 May 2016
Andrew Readacr242Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology31 May 2016
Mariana Saavedra Espinosams2345Anthropology31 May 2016
Rachel Saputorls482Applied Econ. and Management31 May 2016
Alexandra Schofieldaks249Computer Science31 May 2016
Iian Smytheibs24Mathematics31 May 2016
Kareem Spahikms446Hotel Administration31 May 2016
Egidio Tentorieft35Civil and Environmental Engineering31 May 2016
Amreet Thiaraat735JGSM31 May 2016
Gaurav Inder Toorgst39Government31 May 2016
Jacob Vander Burghjav244Biomedical Engineering31 May 2016
Guillermo Vargasgvv5Biophysics31 May 2016
Anna Waymackafw47Medieval Studies31 May 2016
Barton Willagebjw94Policy Analysis and Management31 May 2016
Ekarina Winartoew385Linguistics31 May 2016
Marie Zwetslootmjz56Horticulture31 May 2016

Members without vote

Yamini Bhandariyb94Undergraduate Student Elected Trustee30 Jun 2017
Annie O’Tooleado29Graduate Student Elected Trustee30 Jun 2016

Liaisons to other bodies and organizations


GPSA Current Members

Support Staff

Office of the Assemblies
Gina GiambattistaDirector, Office of the Assemblies114 Day Hall255–7419 ggc9
Amy O’DonnellAssemblies Coordinator109 Day Hall255–7075aro2
Vishal BhayaStudent Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715vsb23
Gabriela BorgesStudent Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715gtb47
Peter BiedenwegStudent Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715pfb46
Brian MurphyStudent Clerk-Secretariat109 Day Hall255–3715bjm256
Aastha WadhwaStudent Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715aw494

Past Members

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