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Current Members

Voting members

Teja Pratap Bollutb387Member31 May 2016
Nicholas Myersngm34Member31 May 2016
Hoang Long Nguyenhn269Member31 May 2016
Nathaniel Rogersngr27Member31 May 2016
Katherine Shoreykns59Member31 May 2016
Whitney St Charleswes227Member31 May 2016
Tiffany St. Bernardtas278Member31 May 2016
Syed Ali Moeed Tirmzist759Chair31 May 2016
Alexa Vargaalv56Member31 May 2016
Ekarina Winartoew385Member31 May 2016

Ex-officio and non-voting members


GPSAFC Current Members

Support Staff

Dean of Students
Terry EctorCoordinator and Accounts Representative520 Willard Straight Hall255–9610tle2
Vishal Bhayavsb23Student Clerk30 Jun 2016
David Brooksdjb297Assemblies Coordinator30 Jun 2016
Gina Giambattistaggc9Director30 Jun 2016
Brian Murphybjm256Secretariat31 May 2016

Current Staff

Members Archive

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GPSAFC Past Members

Contact GPSAFC

Willard Straight Hall Main Lobby
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255–9610
fx. (607) 255–1116