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GPSAFC Payment Forms

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How to Spend Funds

  1. You must have an account with GPSAFC. In order to initiate any financial transaction, you must have an account with the GPSAFC. You will have such an account if:
    • you have applied for AND received GPSAFC funds within the last two semesters.
  2. You must have funds in the account that are eligible for the expense. Funds allocated to your organization’s account by the GPSAFC are restricted to particular categories of expenses (see the GPSAFC Funding Guidelines for details). Your organization may additionally have unrestricted funds transferred into your GPSAFC account. Unlike GPSAFC allocated funds, unrestricted funds will remain in your organization’s account after the semester ends and may be spent on any expense that is permitted under university finance rules.
  3. Spend allocated funds before they revert. Funds allocated by GPSAFC have an expiration date set in the GPSAFC calendar. If you wait too long, the funds will revert to GPSAFC for use on other projects and will no longer be available for your organization to cover older expenses.
  4. You must submit a payment request at the Willard Straight Hall Resource Center, located in the Main Lobby of the Straight. The forms are available as fillable PDF documents and we strongly recommend that you use the fillable PDF functionality for all forms. This will minimize opportunities for mistakes and omissions that delay payment processing.

Use these forms to request reimbursement and payment:

Reimbursement Forms

GPSAFC Reimbursement Request

Direct Payment Authorization

GPSAFC Direct Payment Authorization

Performer Reimbursement and Payment Request

GPSAFC Performer Reimbursement and Payment Request

Student Travel Addendum

GPSAFC Student Travel Addendum

Daily Sun Advertisement Authorization

GPSAFC Daily Sun Advertisement Authorization

Catering Contract

GPSAFC Catering Contract

Sports Official Contract

GPSAFC Sports Official Contract

Engagement Agreement

GPSAFC Engagement Agreement

Special Cancellation Request Use the following form to report expenses that come in under budget do to unforeseen circumstances. Refer to the funding guidelines for detailed information.

Cancellation Request

Contact GPSAFC

Willard Straight Hall Main Lobby
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255–9610
fx. (607) 255–1116