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Staff 2007 to 2008

Office of the Assemblies
Peggy BeachDirector, Assemblies and CIVR114 Day Hall255–7419 mjb15
Ari EpsteinAssistant Director, Assemblies109 Day Hall254–5161 ate2
Amy HuizingaOffice Coordinator, Assemblies109 Day Hall255–3715 apb16
Amy O’DonnellAssemblies Coordinator, UA, GPSA and EA109 Day Hall255–7075aro2
Neusa LeclairAccounting, GPSAFC109 Day Hall255–8274 nfl3
Terry EctorAccounting, SAFC109 Day Hall255–9610 tle2
Liz PatrunSA Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715eap46
Denise ArnoldEA and UA Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715
Daniel KantorSAFC Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715 dck32
Yuhli TsueiGPSA and GPSAFC Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715