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Resolution on Charter Change to Expand the Student Assembly Membership During the Fall Elections

Whereas, New Students (Freshmen and Transfers) constitute on fourth of the student body of Cornell University.

Whereas, A transfer student has never garnered enough votes to win a seat on the Student Assembly under the current procedures.

Whereas, The Student Assembly is a twenty one member body with only two New Student At Large representatives, which accounts for only one tenth of the vote.

Whereas, Over twelve New Students each year seek the two representative positions.

Whereas, Having a larger, more enthusiastic membership can only be beneficial to the Student Assembly.

Whereas, A greater number of New Students on the Assembly will give them a more equitable voice on Assembly issues.

Be It Therefore Resolved, That the Student Assembly will elect FOUR New Student At Large Representatives in the Fall of 1996. This will bring total Assembly membership to TWENTY THREE.

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