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20060504 Meeting Minutes

Also available in pdf

Student Assembly Meeting Minutes
May 04, 2006
4:45 — 6:30 p.m.
Memorial Room, WSH

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 4:50 p.m.

II. Roll Call

For roll call see Attach: 20060504minutes.pdf

III. Open Microphone

There were no comments.

IV. Approval of Minutes

There was a motion to approve the minutes. It was seconded. The minutes from the past week was approved.

V. Announcements/Reports

A. Merali announced that if anyone wanted to see him about the Dodgeball team they should come see him after.

Heather Graham said that applications were up thirty percent and that she saw improvement. She also added that adminstration was very helpful with their efforts.

Her co-speaker added that all of the other Ivy Leagues were offering very competitive financial aid packages.

T. Lim asked if they looked at unity among the Campus and how to improve it.

Heather Graham responded by saying that one of the great things about Cornell was the mutual respect that everyone had. She mentioned that her only problem was that there was a brown bear as opposed to a red and white bear.

S. Boxer announced that they successfully handed out a lot of tickets for Collegetown breakfast the following day

VI. Business of the Day

R. 31 Resolution Regarding Residence Hall Cleanliness and Sanitation — D. Budish, J. Ince

D. Budish started off by saying that the residence halls got a lot messier during the weekend and that they were to trying to come up with a way to make it easier for the staff. He said that he had been talking to Cindy Lockwood and they agreed to put in staff over the weekend. He also said that he would be working with the RA and creating an incentive program such as wars of the dorms.

There was a motion for unamious consent. There was no dissent.

Resolution 31 passed unamiously.

R. 32 Resolution Regarding the SAFC By-Line Funding Allocation — K. Nadolny, S. McQuilken

K. Nadolony said that last semester Resolution 7 had been passed but that it only applied to consumer reports and inflation. She also said they can expect to see a steady increase in.

T. Lim opened up the floor for comments.

S. Boxer said that the SA should always be encouraging people to make new groups and join groups and that this resolution would discourage people would do.

K. Nadolny replied that she didn’t think that was an issue. They were just making sure they were being fiscally responsible.

Joey Z. said that this didn’t affect the groups that were applying next year because they had a set amount of money for the groups for the following year. He went on to say that there were a lot of groups double dipping and asking for outrageous sums of money and that they were trying to stop the problem early.

A. Merali asked if a group came back for money the following semester what would happen.

Joey Z. responded that they funded by the semester

K. Selth thanked the SAFC and Kate and stated that he was in full support of the resolution since it was something that ensured the number of money they provided was corresponding to inflation and the amount of money the university had.

T. Lim made a point of information that the SAFC would email other presidents and treasures about the other sources of money on campus.

M. Asgary asked if this would supercede the charter in term of byline funding.

T. Lim responded that the charter supercdes all documents including Appendix A and B but the following year w Appendix A and Appendix B needed to be reformatted.

M. Asgary moved to suspend it so they can vote on it.

T. Lim replied that this was brought up two weeks ago at the executive session and that this was a byline changed which was required.

There was a call to question. It was seconded.

Res 32: SAFC Mazdak Asgary Y David Bean Y Sarah Boxer Y Daniel Budish Y Maddie Ehrlich Y Jonathan Feldman Y Michelle Fernandes Y Jessica Ince Y Melissa Kiedrowicz Y Randy Lariar Y Ryan Lavin Y Tim Lim Y Guy Mazza Y Jim McCrindle - Ali Merali Y Courtney Mitchell Y Kate Nadolny Y Omar Nolan Y Kristen Rich Y Cassandra Robertson Y Ahmed Salem Y Calvin Selth Y Kwame Thomison Y Resolution 32 passed uniamously.

R. 33 Resolution Regarding The Creation of a Bear Sculpture Designed to Enhance Pride and Unity on Campus — A. Mass, K. Lewis, B. Hughes

A. Mass said that the bear was our unofficial mascot and that there were a lot of things the campus wanted to change and that he had approached the adminstration from changing the bear from an unofficial mascot to an official mascot.

B. Hughes added that the adminstration was very happy with the idea but it required a trustee change which only met once a year.

A. Merali said that he was all about the resolution but he wondered if Cornell was going to look like a copycat since Brown had the brown bear as a mascot several years before.

A. Mass replied that there were numerous overlapping mascots and that the bear was unique to Cornell.

A. Merali said is there any way to make sure the bear is our mascot for example like the bear wearing a shirt with a c on it.

There was a call to question. It was seconded.

There’s been a move for uniamous consent. There was no dissent.

Resolution 33 passed unamiously. 

A. Salem made a motion to move Resolution 34 to move to new business.

T. Lim called it out of question.

A. Salem made a motion to overrule decision of the chair.

The motion failed.

VII. Old Business

R.29 Sense of Body Resolution Condemning Nuclear Proliferation — T. Lim, K. Thomison, J. Weinstein, S. Boxer

K. Selth thanked everyone for coming and warned everyone if there was any noise the meeting would be moved into executive session.

T. Lim said that four years ago the SA passed a resolution condemning military preemptions in Iraq and a lot of the same groups which were for the resolution four years ago is now against it which was a double standard.

J. Weinstein said that he took the concerns that was raised last week seriously. And that this was a resolution not against the Iranian people but against the government.

K. Thomison said that he thought the jurdisticion issue is resolved and that in his three years on the SA resolutions like this had been passed.

S. Boxer added that in no way were they trying to discriminate against anyone at Cornell University.

A. Merali asked the audience who didn’t want Iran to have nuclear weapons, he then asked the audience if they were against any terrorist nation who had nuclear weapons

Someone asked if the U.S. was included.

A. Merali asked if they would find it friendly if they could strike the clause form Iran to terrorist nations.

K. Selth said that A. Merali’s time to speak was finished

There was a motion to extend the speaker’s time. It was seconded. There was a vote and the speaker’s time was extended.

H. Kern said that Representative Merali’s recommendation was an excellent one and added that the jurisdiction issue had not been settled.

M. Fernandes said that the SA had always passed political resolutions in her time here and she encouraged fellow members to vote yes on resolution.

A. Salem agreed with Kern that the jurdisticion issues had not been settled and that the SA in past had been charged with corruption. He added that the SA should leave the policy making to those in Washington.

M. Asgary sited the last part of Article 1.3 and agreed with Representative Salem.

There was a call to question. There was dissent.

D. Budish said that the whereas clause of the resolution didn’t single out Iran. He added that it was the SA’s duty to speak out on humantarian concerns. And hoped that all groups will come out to support in issue.

R. Lariar said that over 2/3 of people didn’tt vote in elections and he thought it was great thing that people were getting involved in this issue.

D. Bean said that this was primarily in response to Representative Asgary comments and said that the SA’s image kept coming up, he added that the members of the SA need to be constructive. He added that the resolution should be passed.

T. Lim said that he wanted someone to call to question to call as many community members to speak.

K. Selth called to question without debate.

There was a motion to overrule decision of the chair. It was seconded.

The motion failed

K. Selth said that they were allowing four pro people and four con people to speak.

Cons: Senus Sasahanga 09’ said he would speaking on the behalf of the Iranian Student Club said that the Iranian student believed that foreign policy are not in SA’s jurisdiction. And the resolution was obvious enough not to have a resolution about it since everyone agreed that nations shouldn’t have nuclear weapons.

Pro: Mitch Vagun 07’ said he was always in favor of the resolution and that e didn’t want a debailated SA that would never be able to vote on issues that didn’t concern issues outside of Ithaca.

Cons: A grad student in nutrional sciences said that she was speaking as a Cornell student and as a woman born and raised in Iran. She went on to say that there had been multiple versions of the resolution and that a lot of the info being passed around with the resolution about Iran was false. She said the SA was here to be agents of change and that they weren’t being agents of change by supporting the resolution. She went on to say that the SA said they were supporting the Iranian people but the Iranian students on campus was feeling marginalized.

Pro: Paul Ibraiim 06’, chairman of College Republicans started off by saying that it wasn’t everyday that himself and Mitch Vagun agreed on a topic. He wondered how the Cornell Arab Association suddenly became so interested in the SA and finished by saying as a Republican, as friends of Democrats and as a Arab who has many relatives in the Middle East to please consider this a serious issue and to vote in favor of the resolution.

Con: A sophomore and the incoming president for Israeli society made a point of fact that the incoming Democrats were against this, we are giving a blank check for the adminstration to say that the Cornell student body supports us to put pressure on Iran when in fact we (the student body) don’t know the facts and wondered why we were just signaling out Iran.

Pro: Hrash Knaut 09’ stated that although he was an Iranian American and a member of the Iranian Student Organization the opinion he was about to express was his own. He went on to say that the Iranian Student Organization had sadly attached their name to a petition against the resolution and that the ISO was a non political and cultural organization. He finished by saying that the resolution clearly condems Iranian regime supporting weapons and that it is not resolutions like this that maragalizs and creates a negative image of Iranians. For the record but it was the Iranian government that created that imaga

Cons: Laura Taylor 07 representing Cornell Peace and Justice started off by saying that there had been a lot of talk that sanctions were a peaceful option but that in fact sanctions were not a peaceful option since they were hurting the underclass children in Iran. And that in addition for those who believe that George Bush would not use nuclear weapons as of April 18th President Bush said all options were still on the table. Lastly she said that nuclear energy didn’t equal nuclear weapons.

Pro: A student from the class of 06’ said this was not a political issue but this was a moral one and that when people made genocidal statements against a country or a group of people that should be taken seriously. He made reference to the Holocaust.

A. Salem made a point of clarification for the chair asked if he could point to which standing rule which Vice- President Selth made the decision to call to question to on.

K. Selth that he didn’t have the standing rules with him but there was a rule that gives the chair discetion to call to question without to debate.

Res 29; Nuclear Weapons Mazdak Asgary N David Bean Y Sarah Boxer Y Daniel Budish Y Maddie Ehrlich Y Jonathan Feldman Y Michelle Fernandes Y Jessica Ince Y Melissa Kiedrowicz Y Randy Lariar Y Ryan Lavin Y Tim Lim Y Guy Mazza - Jim McCrindle - Ali Merali - Courtney Mitchell Y Kate Nadolny Y Omar Nolan - Kristen Rich - Cassandra Robertson - Ahmed Salem - Calvin Selth - Kwame Thomison Y

Resolution passed with 14-yes, 1-no and 6-abstentions.

K. Selth stepped down as chair and passed it back to T. Lim.

Resolution 29 passed.

VIII. New Business

R. 34 Resolution Regarding the Role of the SA in Political Issues — M. Asgary

T. Lim stated that he received a request to table a motion for next year. Motion was approved.

IX. Ajournment

Motion to adjourn. It was seconded.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:56 p.m.

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