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20070412 R 41

R. 41

Resolution Regarding 2006–2008 Byline Funding Deadlines

As discussed Thursday, 12 April 2007.

Whereas, the Student Assembly is responsible for allocating the Student Activity Fee in a manner as fair and beneficial to as many undergraduates as possible, and

Whereas, groups currently planning to apply for SAF funding were only able to receive 2006–2008 byline funding information from the Office of the Assemblies in mid-February, a month later than usual, causing numerous groups to complain of inadequate amounts of time to complete accurate budgets, and

Whereas, many groups also have opined that it is difficult for them to fill out budgets as succinctly as possibly given that budgets are due in April yet expected to exactly project expenses incurred in May, and

Whereas, the Office of the Assemblies sees no issue with extending the due date of byline funding application applications, and

Whereas, the responsibility of allocating the funding falls upon the Appropriations Committee and Student Assembly actually presented with the finalized budgets and undergoing the formal process of funding groups in the fall, so it seems inappropriate to charge the previous year’s Appropriations Committee with the task of reviewing the final budgets, and

Whereas, with the budget deadline pushed back a month, the current Appropriations Committee would no longer be on campus to review all of the finalized budgets;

Be it therefore resolved that Appendix A: IV.1.2 of the Student Assembly Charter reads:
Completed applications for new and returning applicants shall be submitted to the Office of the Assemblies no later than noon on April May 25th of the academic year preceding the fee-setting year. If April May 25th falls on a weekend, the deadline shall be considered the immediately following Monday at noon;

Be it further resolved that the Assembly strikes Appendix A: IV. 3.2.1:
The Appropriations Committee shall convene hearings for each of the authorized groups and compile recommendations into a budget, to be passed by majority vote, and presented to the Assembly on the fifth regularly scheduled meeting of the academic year.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Boxer ‘07
Adam Gay ‘08
2006 — 2007 Vice President of Finance
2007 — 2008 Vice President of Finance

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