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January 31, 2008 Meeting Attachments

R. 7 Resolution Regarding Transportation-focused Generic Environmental Impact Statement (t-GEIS)

Originally Presented On:November 1, 2007
Sponsors:Rammy Salem ‘10, Andrew Wang ‘08
Subject of Resolution:Transportation-focused Generic Environmental Impact Statement (t-GEIS)
Status/Result:First Placed on the Agenda — November 1, 2007
First Placed on the Agenda as Business of the Day — November 8, 2007
Then — November 15, 2007
Then — November 29, 2007

Whereas, the purpose of the t-GEIS is to plan for the hypothetical population growth at Cornell University over the next ten years by identifying, evaluating, and mitigating the transportation-related issues and their related impacts on the Cornell and extended Ithaca community; and,

Whereas, the major objective of the Ten-year Transportation Mitigation Strategies (TIMS) is to reduce the number of Cornell single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) commuters in order to promote more sustainable mode of transportation for the campus, adjacent neighborhoods and the environment; and

Whereas, the continued program development and enhancement afforded by t-GEIS and the TIMS will facilitate greater emphasis on education and awareness of alternative, sustainable, environmentally-friendly available transportation options such as the creation of a community-based vanpool program, an improved Emergency Ride Home program, enhanced flex-work and telecommuting policies, and monetary and other tangible incentives for using SOV alternatives, which may be of great value and service to the undergraduate student community; and

Whereas, programs of particular interest to undergraduate students include a community-wide park-and-ride system, which in close partnership with Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT) and other agencies will identify and establish locations and ensure high quality, frequent transit service with extended hours to and from around Ithaca; and

Whereas, the t-GEIS and TIMS will serve to provide incentives for improved bicycle networks on and around campus; and

Whereas, the t-GEIS and TIMS will serve to provide incentives for improved pedestrian networks on and around campus; and

Whereas, the t-GEIS and TIMS will serve to promote and encourage greater housing choices at a range of prices and in proximity to convenient services, employment, and transit;

Be it resolved that, the Student Assembly supports the current t-GEIS project, advocates for its continued development with University support, and looks forward to continuing dialogue with t-GEIS in the future.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rammy Salem
Committee on Residential and Campus Life Chair

Andrew Wang
Undesignated Representative

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