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Resolution 4, Establishing 'Speak Up' Events Hosted by the Student Assembly

Whereas, all Student Assembly members are elected to serve in the best interest of their respective constituency and student body at-large.

Whereas, all Student Assembly members need to be well informed of the problems facing both students and the University as a whole in order to accomplish its mission.

Whereas, last year the Student Assembly and Cornell Cinema had trouble reaching an agreement over funding and could have benefitted from an open forum on the subject.

Whereas, round-table style events which focus on key issues facing the University will give all students the opportunity to ‘Speak Up’ and be heard by an attentive Student Assembly and relevant administrative or faculty members.

Whereas, ‘Speak Up’ events will help the Student Assembly establish its priorities to better connect with the interests of the student body.

Whereas, each ‘Speak Up’ event could focus on a particular issue presently facing the University, from transportation and safety to wellness and diversity.

Be it therefore resolved, that the Charter be amended as follows with insertions indicated in bold and deletions in strikethrough:

1.6 Public Hearings, Forums, Referendums The SA will have the authority and responsibility to conduct at least one public ‘Speak Up’ event per semester at alternating locations on campus. The ‘Speak Up’ events are to be conducted as a round table discussion and shall include administrators related to a particular public hearings, forums, and referendums concerning topics of current student interest. The SA will also have the authority to conduct referendums and to determine in other appropriate ways student needs and opinions.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Brokman ‘11
At-Large Representative

Natalie Raps ‘12
Arts & Sciences Representative
Vice President for Public Relations

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109 Day Hall

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

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