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Resolution 2 Conflict-Free Campus Resolution

Whereas, Cornell University has declared its commitment to human rights and social justice in its governance documents and policies and has taken affirmative steps throughout its history to promote these values; and

Whereas, the United States Senate and the House of Representatives have determined that armed groups bear responsibility for massive atrocities in the eastern Congo; and

Whereas, recent legislation signed into law (The Financial Regulatory Reform Bill) requires that companies submit an annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission disclosing whether their products contain gold, tin, tantalum, or tungsten from the Congo or nearby areas; and

Whereas, the International Rescue Committee has found more than 5.4 million civilians have been killed and countless more remain at risk as a consequence of attacks conducted by armed groups in eastern Congo; and

Whereas, the armed groups generate an estimated $144 million each year by trading in conflict minerals; and

Whereas, Cornell University allocates over $50 million per year to Cornell Information Technologies as well as additional monies to purchase technology from companies that use conflict minerals in their supply chains;

Whereas, the Stanford University Investment Committee, with the support of its Board of Trustees, approved a measure in April, 2010, to invest only in businesses that are conflict free as reported annually to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Be it therefore resolved that the Student Assembly requests that the Cornell University administration call on electronic companies to take the necessary steps to remove conflict minerals from their supply chain.

Be it further resolved that Cornell University will factor whether electronic products contain conflict minerals in future purchasing decisions, as reported by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and, when available, will favor verifiably conflict-free products.

Be it further resolved that the Office of University Investments Investment Committee will consider investing only in businesses that are conflict free.

Be it further resolved that Cornell Information Technologies provide a list of their vendors in order to determine that vendors are conflict free.

Be it further resolved that Cornell University will convey to the U.S. higher education community the University’s actions with respect to investment in Congo conflict free companies, and urge them to do the same.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris “Kit” Dobyns ‘12
Cornell Public Service Scholar

George Hornedo ‘13
Student Assembly Public Service Committee

Nathaniel Houghton ‘11
Founder and CEO of Congo Leadership Initiative

Ray Mensah ‘11
At-Large Representative
Student Assembly Executive Vice President

Adam Yozwiak ‘11
Engineering Representative

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