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Resolution 70

Whereas, The Student Assembly may consider a resolution endorsing a Student Bill of Rights; and

Whereas, A Student Bill of Rights must be the product of long thought and discussion, including multiple perspectives from community members, graduate and professional students, as well as faculty; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That a Convention to debate a Student Bill of Rights shall take place on April 21st at 4:30PM with the support of the Office of Assemblies.

Resolved, That the Student Assembly will sponsor the event with up to $500 from the reserve account to pay for food and advertising.

Resolved, That all Student Assembly members will serve as delegates to the Convention, along with community members, graduate and professional students

Resolved, That the Convention will involve break-out sessions so that students could share their thoughts with Student Assembly members

Resolved, That the Convention will include a panel of academics, lawyers and administrators who will answer questions concerning the rights of students.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Brokman ‘11
Student Assembly At-Large Representative

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