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10-6-12 Agenda

Agenda — October 6, 2011
Cornell University Student Assembly
4:45pm — 6:30pm, Willard Straight Hall

I. Call to Order/Roll Call

II. Approval of the 9/29/11 Meeting Minutes

III. Open Microphone

IV. Announcements/Reports

  • Owego Update — Roneal Desai & Alex Bores
  • Gorge Safety Update — Anisha Chopra
  • Outreach Update — Ulysses Smith

V. Business of the Day

  • Appropriations Committee Recommendation, Convocation — Adam Nicoletti
  • Appropriations Committee Recommendation, Class Councils — Adam Nicoletti
  • Appropriations Committee Recommendation, CCC — Adam Nicoletti
  • R. 13: Call on CUPD to Reevaluate their Response Protocol — Stephen Breedon, Sasha Mack, Roneal Desai, Kathy Zoner
  • R. 14: New Student Trustee — Roneal Desai, Natalie Raps

VI. New Business

  • R. 16: Announcing Student Support for the NYC Tech Campus — Geoffrey Block, Erin Szulman, Adam Wolford, Ross Gitlin
  • R. 17: Smoking Habits & Behavior Referendum - Ulysses Smith, Geoffrey Block , Nate Treffeisen

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