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S.A. Appropriations Committee: Special Projects Request:NYC Tech Campus Ad-Hoc Committee

Special Projects Request$1,600
Appropriations Decision$1,200

Rationale of the Committee

The committee felt that the student-led NYC Tech Campus initiative is a terrific use of special projects funds and should be supported by the Student Assembly. However, some committee members felt that some desired expenditures were extravagant and would suggest that the Ad-Hoc Committee find a more cost-efficient method of transportation down to NYC. In addition, the Ad-Hoc should control the amount of paraphernalia and give-aways it purchases to ensure all spending contributes to the goals of the NYC Tech Campus Student Initiative. Overall, the Appropriations Committee appreciates the work of the Ad-Hoc and looks forward to future progress towards meeting its goals.


If approved by the Student Assembly, these special projects funds would be transferred to a NYC Tech Campus Ad-Hoc Committee account within the SA Administrative Budget. Spending of these funds would be approved according to the Student Assembly’s funds spending protocol (Standing Rules, Section IV, Rule 1,

Vote Totals

The Committee votes down, from the highest number proposed to the lowest, to give the group the advantage. The vote totals from the Committee were as follows:


Respectfully submitted,

Adam Nicoletti ‘12
Vice President for Finance, Student Assembly

Contact SA

109 Day Hall

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255—3715