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S.A. Resolution #26: Reinforcement of Accessibility for Student Activity Fee Funded Events

Sponsored by: Talia Shear ‘12, Roneal Desai ‘13, Stephen Breedon ‘12

Whereas, at any given time there are 850 Cornell students on campus registered as having physical or mental disabilities,

Whereas, this number excludes those with temporary or unreported disabilities,

Whereas, anyone can become disabled at any time,

Whereas, the Student Activities Office mission is to “provide students with opportunities designed to promote…experiential learning,” and

Whereas, student events on campus that are not accessible to people with disabilities run contrary to the professed mission of Cornell University and the Student Activities Office,

Whereas, the Student Assembly passed Resolution 77 in the Spring of 2011 titled “Promoting Accessibility in On-Campus Events”,

Be it therefore resolved, the attached email titled Appendix IA be sent to the SAF-info listserve;

Be it further resolved, that the attached email titled Appendix IIA be sent to the SAFC-Info listserve;

Be it further resolved, that the SA suggest to the SAFC to include the accessibility of events in subjective measures that might be used in future funding allocations.

Respectfully Submitted,

Roneal Desai ‘13
Minority Representative At-Large, Student Assembly

Steven Breedon ‘14
Hotel Representative, SA

Talia Shear ‘12
President, Cornell Union for Disability Awareness

(Reviewed by the Joint Assemblies on Multicultural Issues Committee on November 15th, 2011)

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