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2-16-12 Minutes

Agenda February 16, 2012
Cornell University Student Assembly
4:45pm 6:30pm, 401 Physical Sciences

I. Call to Order / Roll Call

N. Raps called the meeting to order at 4:48pm

Members present
S. Balik, G. Block, S. Breedon, D. Brown, A. Chopra, B. Francisco, A. Gitlin, M. Gulrajani, G. Hoffman, J. Kay, J. Lee, A. Meller, J. Mueller, D. Muir, A. Nicoletti, A. Pinkney, H. Pittell, N. Raps, J. Rau, E. Szulman, A. Raveret, A. Santangelo
Arrived Late
R. Gitlin, P. Scelfo, E. Yeterian
Absent and Unexcused
R. Desai, D. Goldberg, N. Treffeisen, A. Wolford
Also present
Ari Epstein, Amy Edwards, Chelsea Cheng

II. Approval of the 02/09/12 Meeting Minutes

  • Minutes approved

III. Open Microphone

  • None

IV. Eddie Rooker & Graham Kerslick
Ithaca Common Council Members, 4th Ward

  • Effort for the city as whole to develop a comprehensive plan
    • Looking for a formalized connection with students to get consistent feedback and input from them
    • The Mayor and the new Council is looking to diversify the economic base
    • Want to encourage light, urban appropriate industry
  • 307 College Avenue building was proposed
  • Potential grocery store in Collegetown — issue is that there is only business 8 months out of the year
  • Major issues: high risk drinking and quality of housing
  • A. Nicoletti: Rent prices are really high. What are the barriers to development in the residential area?
  • E. Rooker and G. Kerslick
    • Currently looking at zoning. One concern is that there are residences but they are too far for students that want to be close to campus
    • Housing currently being developed on State Street that is intended for graduate students = unsure what impact it will have
    • Hoping to concentrate on development in the core of Collegetown, around College Avenue and Dryden
    • Big issue is parking — question of what they can do to prevent the entire community from owning cars
  • Chris Sanders (IFC President): Is there a consensus among landlords and community residents that part of the uptake in social activities has been due to changes in the Greek Recognition Policy? Also suggested the formation of a tricouncil between the Panhellenic Council, IFC and the SA.
  • E. Rooker and G. Kerslick: There is no consensus, but a connection can possibly be made
  • A. Gitlin: Regarding he uptake in social events, to what degree are landlords willing to open dialogue?
  • E. Rooker and G. Kerslick: The Common Council will be attending the Landlord Association meetings to bring up issues — hopefully some constructive solutions will come about
  • G. Block: Is the Common Council pushing safety concerns?
  • E. Rooker and G. Gerslick: They are currently working on finding a way to enforce building code regulations. The new buildings will have stricter safety codes.
  • J. Mueller: What are your views on police enforcement in Collegetown? To what extent are college students treated as an extension of the Ithaca Community? As in, Cornell students have BASICS when they get a JA — will there be congruency between Collegetown and campus?
  • E. Rooker and G. Gerslick: Have not considered police enforcement yet. Also have not discussed congruency, but will be sure to bring it up.
  • Julia (Assistant Dean for Fraternities and Sororities): College town is not on the same judicial code, however if a student is transported, Gannett sends a letter very strongly recommending that they go to Gannett
  • A. Bores: Fear that it will be difficult to motivate landlords to do anything. What can be done to make the landlords want changes?
  • E. Rooker and G. Gerslick: That is the reason why a student advocacy group is so important
  • S. Breedon: Have you considered the structure of the advocacy group?
  • E. Rooker and G. Gerslick: They do no have a set structure in mind. Would want as many groups represented as possible, so is looking for advice on how best to structure the group so that it remains functional for a long period of time
  • H. Pittell: Are there any plans other than a grocery store to help move Collegetown to a non-car area? Perhaps a farmer’s market, better transportation, etc.
  • E. Rooker and G. Gerslick: They have not looked into specifics as many ideas are hard to legislate. They are searching for ways to create incentives for bus passes, car share, etc.

V. Announcements / Reports

Alcohol Awareness Program — Kat Balram (kpb43) & Kate Fideler (klf72)

  • A new program that is in its peer testing phase
  • There will be an announcement after Spring Break after testing is done

Fire Safety Update — EJ Yeterian

  • Working to reach out to everyone to publicize events
  • Looking to get more involved on campus outside the dorm setting

U.A. Codes & Judicial Committee Update — Peter Scelfo

  • A final proposal was not reached in regards to changes in sexual harassment procedures
  • 4 amendments were passed — currently writing a new proposal that will retroactively fit he code prescribed by the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights

Women’s Issues Update — Dara Brown

  • First meeting last week — hope to create an umbrella group for women’s issues on campus
  • SA Monthly Email Announcement — Mohit Gulrajani
  • Will email the monthly update to members before they are sent to the rest of campus

ROTC Dinner Announcement - Geoffrey Block

  • Ithaca-native Corporal injured in a suicide bombing — lost both his legs and his eyesight
  • Cornell ROTC holding a spaghetti dinner for him next Saturday at 8:00

VI. Business of the Day

Resolution 30: Supporting the Goals and Ideals of Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week — Nate Treffeisen

  • N. Treffeisen not present — A. Gitlin presented
  • Similar resolution passed in both the Senate and the House of Representatives
  • Crohn’s and Colitis are both inflammatory valve diseases — there are currently no cures
  • Children are getting increasingly diagnosed
  • Resolution to say that the Student Assembly supports this week and encourages groups on campus to raise awarenss
  • A. Nicoletti: What will happen during this week?
  • N. Raps: N. Treffeisen is not here but he will most likely plan something
  • J. Mueller: The SA always supports this kind of resolution — perhaps in the future it would be better for all weeks to be recognized in one resolution at the beginning/end of the semester
  • Call to question, seconded
  • Community vote: 2–0−0
  • SA Vote: 23–0−0
  • Vote total: 25–0−0
  • Resolution 30 passes

Resolution 31: Recognition of AIDS Awareness Week — Nate Treffeisen

  • Tabled indefinitely a the request of the sponsor

Resolution 32: Blue Light Survey — Ross Gitlin & Sarah Balik

  • Similar to a resolution from two years ago (October 4, 2009)
  • Review of the blue light system, how students feel about it, and how effective it is
  • M. Gulrajani: Has the Institutional Review Board reviewed this survey?
  • R. Gitlin: Not yet, but they plan on sending it there
  • G. Block: The questions should be more specific
  • H. Pittell: Too many questions for a preliminary survey: it should have questions that gauge interest. A second survey can have questions targeting improvement of th system
  • D. Brown: Add questions for people who carpool to the library — ask if they will be willing to use the blue light service instead of driving
  • R. Gitlin: Asked to postpone voting until next week so that there is time to revise the survey
  • Will bring it to Residential Life, Women’s Issues, and JAMAC before bringing it back

Meeting adjourned at 6:12pm

Respectfully submitted,
Chelsea Cheng

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