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Resolution 43: Student Assembly Recommendations for the new University Calendar

Sponsored by: Geoffrey Block ‘14, Natalie Raps ‘12

Whereas, the University Calendar Committee is proposing changes to the University Calendar

Whereas, These changes will affect all students in a variety of ways

Whereas, the Student Assembly must ensure that every change improves the mental health and well being of all students

Be it therefore resolved, that the Student Assembly labels the following properties of a calendar as those that are imperative for undergraduate student mental health and well-being and ones that should be advocated for in any current or future changes to the academic calendar:

  1. A minimum 4 full days of study period
  2. A minimum of 8 full days for the exam period
  3. An academic break in between the beginning of the Spring Semester and Spring Break
  4. A natural break within each exam period (similar to how the weekend currently serves as a natural break for most students)
  5. The Wednesday of Thanksgiving as a full day off
  6. A minimum of 4 full days for Senior Week Programming in the Spring Semester

Be it Further Resolved, that upon passage, this list be directly considered and weighted heavily by the Calendar Committee as well as President Skorton and Vice-President Murphy

Respectfully Submitted,

Natalie Raps ‘12
President, Student Assembly

Geoffrey Block ‘14
At-Large Representative, Student Assembly

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