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20120426 R 47

(:title Resolution 47: Undergraduate Student Body Denouncement of the Calendar Committee’s Proposal

Sponsored by: Geoffrey Block ‘14, Natalie Raps ‘12, Adam Gitlin ‘13, John Mueller ‘13, Jay Lee ‘14, Daniel Kuhr ‘13, Ross Gitlin ‘15, Peter Scelfo ‘15, Don Muir ‘15, Cornell Minds Matter, Senior Week, Cornell Class of 2014

Whereas, the Calendar Committee has proposed a final recommendation to be passed by the Faculty Senate regarding changes to the academic calendar, which passed by a vote of 8–1−1.

Whereas, both undergraduate students on the committee did not approve of the changes.

Whereas, the undergraduate student body believes the process was too rushed.

Whereas, one of the purposes of the committee “was to explore whether revisions to the calendar could help to alleviate student stress that may have contributed to the cluster of suicides in the spring of 2010.”

Whereas, despite this purpose, there has been substantial criticism of the proposed calendar with students concerned that the changes will, in fact, increase stress and harm student mental health.

Whereas, there is still time to explore other options to relieve mental stress.

Be it therefore resolved, that the Student Body calls on the Faculty Senate to incoporate further options to relieve mental stress, such as (i.) starting earlier in the Spring Semester to allow for a longer study period; or (ii.) a longer study and exam period (similar to the current length of the study and exam period), or (iii.) an exam period with a built in break in it in order to help relieve student stress and enhance mental health.

Be it further resolved, that the Student Body calls on the Faculty Senate to delay passing the proposed calendar in order to allow for more streamlined communication to all parties, more effective use of feedback and for more of a student voice to be heard.

Be it further resolved, that the Student Body urges the Faculty Senate, President Skorton and the Board of Trustees to not enact the recommendations of the Calendar Committee until further emphasis is placed on student health and well being.

Respectfully Submitted,

Geoffrey Block ‘14
Student Assembly At-large Representative

Natalie Raps ‘12
Student Assembly President

Adam Gitlin ‘13
Student Assembly Executive Vice President

John Mueller ‘13
Student Assembly At-large Representative

Daniel Kuhr ‘13
Student Assembly Human Ecology Representative

Jay Lee ‘14
Student Assembly At-large Representative

Celia Muoser ‘12
Cornell Minds Matter

Matt Koren ‘12
Co-chair, Senior Week

Rob Callahan ‘14
President, Cornell Class of 2014

Ross Gitlin ‘15
Student Assembly Freshman Representative

Don Muir ‘15
Student Assembly Freshman Representative

Peter Scelfo ‘15
Student Assembly Freshman Representative

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