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S.A. Resolution # 12: Adoption of a Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

Sponsored by: Emily Bick ‘13, Dean Iwaoka ‘13, Ulysses Smith ‘13, Geoff Block ‘14, Dan Kuhr ‘13

Whereas, the University has maintained its commitment to creating and offering equal housing opportunities to all students;

Whereas, the University offered a gender-neutral housing pilot program for students on West Campus;

Whereas, the health and wellbeing of some members of our community require a structural change in the language and practices of the University;

Whereas, students should have the option to live with other students who they are most comfortable regardless of gender expression;

Whereas, the Student Assembly, along with residential staff, has analyzed the feasibility of implementing a more widespread program;

Be it therefore resolved, that the attached Gender-Inclusive housing policy be adopted for the 2013–2014 & 2014 — 2015 academic years.

Be it further resolved, that the administration and students maintain discussion while evaluating and overcoming logistical challenges in order to implement the plan for the academic years that follow.

Respectfully Submitted,

Emily Bick ‘13
President of Haven

Dean Iwaoka ‘13
LGBTQ Liaison at Large, Student Assembly

Geoffrey Block ‘14
Undesignated At-Large Representative

Ulysses Smith ‘13
Architecture, Art & Planning Representative

Dan Kuhr ‘13
Human Ecology Representative

(Reviewed by: ResLife Committee, 9/25/2012)

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