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Activity Fee

2014–2016 SAF Allocation Cycle

This page contains information regarding the 2014–2016 SAF.

Applications are available for byline funding. To apply:

  1. Read and understand the Procedures for Byline Funding Allocation
  2. Download, print, and complete SAF application preliminary requirements and submit to 109 Day Hall by 4pm, Thursday, 25 April 2013. If applicant does not currently receive byline funding, this includes signed petitions from the required number of students.
  3. Complete and submit final application by 4pm, Friday, 13 September 2013.

The SAF allocation process for 2014–2016 has been completed. New applications will be available for 2016–2018 on Sunday, 1 February 2015.

2016–2018 SAF Allocation Cycle

To receive regular updates about undergraduate SAF policies and processes, please subscribe to the informational mailing list by sending a message to If you have questions, email Office of the Assemblies.

Note for SAFC-funded organizations and organizations new to byline funding process: New organizations are rarely approved for byline SAF funding. In most cases the undergraduate Student Assembly Finance Commission (SAFC) is a more appropriate source of funding. Before commencing with the application process you should speak with the SA Vice President for Finance if you are unsure which source is most appropriate. You may not receive byline SAF funding at the same time you receive funds from SAFC. If byline funding is approved for your organization, you will no longer receive SAFC funding starting in the fiscal year that byline funding becomes available, which is Fall 2014.

Note for organizations that also serve graduate and professional students: Unlike SAFC-funded organizations, SAF byline funded organizations may obtain byline funding simultaneously from both the SAF and the Graduate and Professional Student Activity Fee (GPSAF). Your organization must apply separately for an GPSAF byline allocation.

Current Allocation (2014–2016)

Undergraduate student activity fee as adopted by the Board of Trustees. You can view the 2014–2016 cycle summary sheet here.

Alternative Breaks$1.00$1.35
Athletics and Physical Education$10.00$10.00
Big Red Bikes$1.00$2.00
Cornell Cinema$10.00$10.00
Class Councils - Senior Week$5.00$5.00
Class Councils - Convocation$8.50$10.50
Class Councils - General$2.50$2.50
Club Insurance$4.70$5.10
Collegiate Readership Program$6.00$6.00
Community Centers Councils$3.00$2.00
Community Partnership Board$2.00$2.00
Cornell Concert Commission$12.00$12.00
Cornell University Program Board (CUPB)$7.50$7.50
CU Tonight$10.00$9.50
International Students Board (ISB)$2.04$2.34
Multicultural Greek Letter Council (MGLC)$0.50$0.50
Minds Matter$1.00$1.50
Orientation Steering Committee$6.60$7.60
Outdoor Odyssey$1.50$1.25
Student Assembly Fiance Commission (SAFC)$80.17$84.16
Slope Day Programming Board (SDPB)$18.00$18.00
Slope Media Group $1.25
Student Assembly$2.45$2.20
Students Helping Students$0.00$0.00
Welcome Weekend$2.75$2.55
Women’s Resource Center$2.00$3.50
WSH Student Union Board$1.25$1.80

Additional Resources

The SA has released a Guide to Byline Funding to assist applicants.

Applications for 2014–2016

You can also view the the 2012-2014 applications.

Historical Information

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