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Executive Board

Kushagra Aniketka337Director of Elections31 May 2015
Sarah Balikseb295President31 May 2015
Juliana Batistajrb473Executive Vice President31 May 2015
Jordan Bergerjrb476Parliamentarian31 May 2015
Yamini Bhandariyb94Vice President for Outreach31 May 2015
Chelsea Chengckc59Clerk31 May 2015
Matthew Hendersonmlh294Vice President for Internal Operations31 May 2015
Matthew Stefankomas758Vice President for Finance31 May 2015
Shivang Tayalst673Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion31 May 2015
Lindsay Wershawlbw63Vice President for Public Relations31 May 2015

Current Voting Members

Syed Ali Khansma254Minority Liaison at Large31 May 2015
Ben Bacharachbsb87Freshman At Large31 May 2015
Sarah Balikseb295President31 May 2015
Juliana Batistajrb473Executive Vice President31 May 2015
Yamini Bhandariyb94Women’s Issues Liaison at Large31 May 2015
Blake Brownbtb52Undesignated at Large31 May 2015
Maria Chakmc2378Freshman At Large31 May 2015
Joseph Fridmanjdf256Undesignated at Large31 May 2015
Lauren Goldmanlrg76Human Ecology31 May 2015
Matthew Hendersonmlh294Agriculture and Life Sciences31 May 2015
Emma Johnstonelj49Arts and Sciences31 May 2015
Gabriel Kaufmangdk36Freshman At Large31 May 2015
Mark LaPointemnl38Engineering31 May 2015
Diana Lidl792Transfer At Large31 May 2015
Erinn Liuzl375Freshman At Large31 May 2015
Lisa Liulgl39Undesignated at Large31 May 2015
Marc Massonmjm673Industrial and Labor Relations31 May 2015
Denzale Reesedlr249Minority Liaison at Large31 May 2015
Justin Seligjss459Engineering31 May 2015
Matthew Stefankomas758Undesignated at Large31 May 2015
Blair Sullivanbhs74Arts and Sciences31 May 2015
Shivang Tayalst673International Liaison at Large31 May 2015
Philip Titcombpjt78Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer Liaison at Large31 May 2015
David Vakilidv227Arts and Sciences31 May 2015
Lindsay Wershawlbw63Agriculture and Life Sciences31 May 2015
Franklin Yangfsy4Hotel Administration31 May 2015
Alexander Zhoualz28Art, Architecture, and Planning31 May 2015

Current Ex-officio and Non-voting Members

Kushagra Aniketka337Ex-officio member/Director of Elections31 May 2015
Jordan Bergerjrb476Ex-officio member/Parliamentarian31 May 2015
Chelsea Chengckc59Ex-officio member/Clerk31 May 2015
Corey Earlecre8Ex-officio member/Executive Archivist31 May 2015
Ross Gitlinrhg68Ex-officio member/Student Elected Trustee30 Jun 2015
Kent Hubbellklh4Dean of Students31 May 2015
Daniel Kezerashvilidmk255Ex-Officio Member/RSC Liaison31 May 2015
Annie O’Tooleado29Ex-officio member/Student Elected Trustee30 Jun 2016
Alassandra Olsewskiaco47Greek Tri-Councils Liaison31 May 2015
Susan Robertsonsr499Director of Campus Relations31 May 2015

Support Staff

Susan MurphyVP, Student & Academic Services311 Day Hall255–7595shm1
Kent Lovering HubbellDean of Students401 WSH255–1115klh4
Vishal Bhayavsb23Student Clerk30 Jun 2015
Chelsea Chengckc59Student Clerk30 Jun 2015
Gina Giambattistaggc9Assistant Director30 Jun 2015
Claire Lendercml258Student Clerk30 Jun 2015
Brian Murphybjm256Secretariat31 May 2015
Amy O’Donnellaro2Assemblies Coordinator30 Jun 2015
Aastha Wadhwaaw494Student Clerk30 Jun 2015
Noah Wegenerndw24Student Clerk30 Jun 2015

Current Staff

Past Assemblies

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