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For assembly actions from the current year, please use our new Assemblies Dashboard.


Executive Board

Juliana Batistajrb473President31 May 2016
Peter Biedenwegpfb46Clerk31 May 2016
Maria Chakmc2378Vice President for Outreach31 May 2016
Saim Chaudharysec274Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion31 May 2016
Maha Ghandourmtg65Vice President for Public Relations31 May 2016
Matthew Hendersonmlh294Director of Elections31 May 2016
Matthew Indiminemi235Parliamentarian31 May 2016
Emma Johnstonelj49Executive Vice President31 May 2016
Mitchell McBridemlm428Vice President for Internal Operations31 May 2016
Matthew Stefankomas758Vice President for Finance31 May 2016

Current Voting Members

Ben Bacharachbsb87Industrial and Labor Relations31 May 2016
Juliana Batistajrb473President31 May 2016
Luke Bushnerlnb46Arts and Sciences31 May 2016
Maria Chakmc3278Minority Liaison at Large31 May 2016
Saim Chaudharysec274Minority Liaison at Large31 May 2016
Jordan Chessinjsc384Transfer At Large31 May 2016
Varun Devathavad33Freshman At Large31 May 2016
Robert Dunbarrjd276Arts and Sciences31 May 2016
Maha Ghandourmtg65Undesignated at Large31 May 2016
Radhika Guptarg675Women’s Issues Liaison at Large31 May 2016
Emma Johnstonelj49Executive Vice President31 May 2016
Sagar Karnavatssk223Art, Architecture, and Planning31 May 2016
Miranda Kashermk2324Freshman At Large31 May 2016
Gabriel Kaufmangdk36Undesignated at Large31 May 2016
Chris Licl582Agriculture and Life Sciences31 May 2016
Diana Lidl792Undesignated at Large31 May 2016
Dustin Liudl558Freshman At Large31 May 2016
Erinn Liuzl375Engineering31 May 2016
Mitchell McBridemlm428Arts and Sciences31 May 2016
Verlandy Michelvm266Human Ecology31 May 2016
Paul Russellpjr93Freshman At Large31 May 2016
Justin Seligjss459Engineering31 May 2016
Matthew Stefankomas758Undesignated at Large31 May 2016
Shivang Tayalst673International Liaison at Large31 May 2016
Philip Titcombpjt78Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Liaison at Large31 May 2016
Rishika Uttamchandanirsu9Hotel Administration31 May 2016
Katherine Zhukhz6Agriculture and Life Sciences31 May 2016

Current Ex-officio and Non-voting Members

Yamini Bhandariyb94Ex-officio member/Student Elected Trustee30 Jun 2017
Peter Biedenwegpfb46Ex-officio member/Clerk31 May 2016
Corey Earlecre8Ex-officio member/Executive Archivist31 May 2016
Noelani Gabrielncg28Greek Tri-Councils Liaison31 May 2016
Matthew Hendersonmlh294Ex-officio member/Director of Elections31 May 2016
Matthew Indiminemi235Ex-officio member/Parliamentarian31 May 2016
Annie O’Tooleado29Ex-officio member/Student Elected Trustee30 Jun 2016
Christian Wellingcsw73Ex-Officio Member/RSC Liaison31 May 2016

Current Undergraduate University Assembly Members

Matthew Battagliamab622UA undergrad rep31 May 2016
Matthew Indimineml235UA undergrad rep31 May 2016

Support Staff

Ryan LombardiVP, Student & Academic Services311 Day Hall255–7595shm1
Kent Lovering HubbellDean of Students401 WSH255–1115klh4
Office of the Assemblies
Gina GiambattistaDirector, Office of the Assemblies114 Day Hall255–7419 ggc9
Amy O’DonnellAssemblies Coordinator109 Day Hall255–7075aro2
Vishal BhayaStudent Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715vsb23
Gabriela BorgesStudent Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715gtb47
Peter BiedenwegStudent Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715pfb46
Brian MurphyStudent Clerk-Secretariat109 Day Hall255–3715bjm256
Aastha WadhwaStudent Clerk109 Day Hall255–3715aw494

Past Assemblies

Please select the academic year for which you would like to see past membership:

Contact SA

109 Day Hall

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255—3715