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Current Members

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Voting members

Juliana Batistajrb473Women’s Issues Liaison31 May 2014
Enrico Bonattiecb85International Liaison at Large31 May 2014
Ammar Busherianb63Member31 May 2014
Rochelle Cassellsrcc264by GPSA31 May 2014
Inge Cheniyc5Minority Liaison at Large31 May 2014
Rebecca Chienryc23from SA31 May 2014
Richard Clarkrkc48Member31 May 2014
Veronica Dagostinoved7Member31 May 2014
Christopher Davisced222from LAL31 May 2014
Emily Deciccoecd64from Women’s Resource Center Advisory Board31 May 2014
Folasade Famakinwaff78from IFC, Panhellenic Council, and MGLC31 May 2014
Colin Foleycmf89from IFC, Panhellenic Council, and MGLC31 May 2014
Abraham Francisatf32from NASAC31 May 2014
Abraham Francisatf32Chair31 May 2014
Stephanie Hahmsh799Member31 May 2014
Nia Hallnih6Member31 May 2014
Gabrielle Hickmongih8from BSU31 May 2014
Jadey Hurayjkh92from HAVEN31 May 2014
Jevan Hutsonjah553from SA31 May 2014
Jevan Hutsonjah553Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer Liaison at Large31 May 2014
Cajay Jacobscsj52Member31 May 2014
Michelle Jeongmwj39Member31 May 2014
Kwangjun Leekl558Member31 May 2014
Lisa Liulgl39Member31 May 2014
Yiru Maym248Member31 May 2014
Roshni Mehtarm545Member31 May 2014
Nick Miletincm45Chair31 May 2014
Nneamaka Obodoaghanoo4from ALANA eboard31 May 2014
Janay Saundersjs2647Member31 May 2014
Omokayowale Shonibareoos7Member31 May 2014
Ulysses Smithujs3Member31 May 2014
Thaddeus Talbottat58Minority Liaison at Large31 May 2014
Mihret Tamratmrt82Member31 May 2014
Donavan Trieudyt7from CAPSU31 May 2014
Noah Tulskynst42Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion31 May 2014
Carlin Van Holmescv87from IFC, Panhellenic Council, and MGLC31 May 2014

Ex-officio and non-voting members

Melissa Lukasiewiczmrl88Observer31 May 2014

SACIDI Current Members

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