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Student Assembly Finance Commission
October 24th, 2011
5:05 p.m. — 5:15 p.m.
163 Day Hall

I. The meeting was called to order at 5:05pm.

II. Roll Call

Ahmad, ShahPKim, CatherineP
Baldwin, CalvinPKim, Chan Young (Charles)P
Bandali, AlykhanPKim, Sang (David)P
Barton, EdwardPKogos, LawrenceP
Berkenfeld, DylanPMarcus, DanielA
Blumenthal, ClairePMarder, JasonA
Cohen, SarahAPatel, RiteshP
Conners, AnnaPPolk, EmilyP
Coulter, BrandonPSong, KevinP
Desai, RonealPSzczerbicki, MargaretP
Goss, JessicaPTan, Young KaiP
Greener, DanielPVerri, AndrewP
Gruber, MatthewPWallace, ScottA
Heintzen, ErichAWoloszynski, RachelP
Hepfer, MaxinePYounger, CameronA
Jenkins, KristenPZhao, JessicaA
Kang, GeorgeA

III. Recruitment

Information Sessions

  • L. Kogos: How should the information sessions be structured?
  • B. Coulter: The information sessions will be next Tuesday and Wednesday (November 1st and 2nd), 5–6pm in Goldwin Smith.
  • L. Kogos: The information sessions will probably have a slideshow and a meet and greet with the commissioners. There may be food.
    • We should advertise it as a great way to get involved and to meet the commissioners.
  • D. Greener: Maybe we could make a video for it.
  • Coulter: There will be a Facebook event. I will also send out a one-page flier-please send it out to your listservs.
  • Kogos: You can also talk to professors and advertise it in classes. Also, talk to friends in different colleges.


  • Kogos: What kinds of candidates are we looking for?
    • Reasonable, smart people. We want to actually meet these people.
  • Coulter: I would like a recruitment committee. I need help in the next few days with quarter cards.
    • C. Blumenthal and D. Greener offered to help.
  • K. Jenkins: Are we blocking out names on applications again?
  • Logos: It was not very effective and isn’t necessary, so probably not.
  • A. Connors: It also defeats the purpose of the meet and greet.
  • K. Song: Do you have any feedback on last year’s process?
  • General consent that last year’s process was good.
  • Kogos: We may limit the point count or change that process slightly.
  • R. Woloszynski: We could compare everyone’s scales to make it fair.
  • Song: There is a theoretical maximum on how many points each person can get.
  • Kogos: The point system made the process less fair, but easier. It would be more fair if everyone looks at every application.
  • Desai: Maybe we could assign points in groups so the checks and balances are built into the system.
  • Song: If you are interested in formulating this, stay after the meeting and join Coulter’s recruitment committee.

IV. The meeting was adjourned at 5:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Miriam Asher

Contact SAFC

Willard Straight Hall Main Lobby
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255–9610
fx. (607) 255–1116