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The University Assembly Transportation Advisory Committee’s charge is to provide a conduit for community input regarding policies and services related to safe, comprehensive, economical, and efficient transportation programs.

These include: parking, transit, circulation, pedestrian, motorist and cyclist safety and education, and services that meet the transportation access needs for persons with disabilities. The committee shall make policy and program recommendations to the University Assembly and the Senior Vice President. Furthermore, the committee shall review in consultation with the Campus Planning Committee all plans for alterations of or additions to roads, parking lots, pathways, and walkways on the Ithaca campus of the University. The committee shall report periodically to the University Assembly.

The committee shall have one associated hearing and appeals board and standing committees as appropriate which will work directly with Transportation Services. Each board/committee shall be charged with carrying out the current policies and procedures and will report periodically to TAC on recommended policy or program changes.

Contact TAC

109 Day Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255–3715
fx. (607) 255–2182

Hours: 9a - 12:15p, 1p - 4:30p, M - F