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2008 AY Members

2008 - 2009 Trustee Nominating Committee
Trustee Members
Ehrenberg, Ron385a Ives Hall East255–3026rge2by BOT, facultyMonday, 1 June 2009chair
Avery, Rosemary119 MVR Hall255–2578rja7by BOT, facultyMonday, 1 June 2009 
McKinney, Beth302 Helen Newman Hall255–3703bm20by BOT, employeeMonday, 1 June 2009 
Duch, Kate  khd5by BOT, studentMonday, 1 June 2009vice-chair
Walsh, Mike  mjw66by BOT, studentMonday, 1 June 2009 
Student Members
Miller, Jahan (Tony)  jam325by SAMonday, 1 June 2009 
Slicklen, C.J.  cjs75by SAMonday, 1 June 2009 
Lawrence, Brian  bdl45by GPSAMonday, 1 June 2009 

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Cornell University

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ph. (607) 255—3715