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Darrick Evensen

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Photo of Nighthawk Evensen
Darrick Evensen

Darrick Trent Nighthawk Evensen (AB ‘06, Princeton University) was elected by the Cornell student body to serve a two-year team as trustee beginning 1 July 2010. He was elected to serve a second consecutive term in 2012. Mr. Evensen was born and raised in Rensselaer County, NY, and has been a proud resident of upstate New York for twenty-two years. Prior to coming to Cornell, he worked as a wilderness guide in the Adirondack Mountains for four seasons.

Mr. Evensen is an M.S./Ph.D. student in the field of Natural Resources. His research focuses on the application of sociology to natural resource management, with an emphasis on environmental risks. He has served as the President of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GPSA) and as the chairperson of the GPSA’s Finance Commission. Mr. Evensen worked intently on the GPSA’s response to the drafts of the University’s Strategic Plan and served on the Provost’s Strategic Planning Advisory Committee. He has received the “Distinguished Student Volunteer Award” and the “Distinguished Leadership Award” from Cornell’s Student Activities Office for his service to the GPSA. Mr. Evensen has also taken an interest in judicial governance on campus, serving as the vice-chairperson of the University Assembly Codes and Judicial Committee, and as a member of the University Hearing and Review Boards and the Graduate School Academic Integrity Hearing Board.

During his three-year tenure at Cornell, Mr. Evensen has greatly appreciated all that the University has to offer, particularly his months as one of two graduate students on the Cornell Sailing Team.

Contact Trustee

109 Day Hall

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255—3715