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The University Assembly (UA) is a governing body at Cornell University which is comprised of 18 voting members; 5 undergraduate students, 3 graduate and/or professional students, 5 employees, and 5 faculty.

There are several additional ex-officio members of the Assembly, without vote: The Vice President for Student & Academic Services, the Senior Vice President, another member of the central administration appointed by the President, and the Chair of the Committee on Minority Affairs.

UA members serve two-year staggered terms which should be contained within their constituent assembly terms, except for student members who serve one-year terms. The Faculty Senate should be thought of as one of the separate constituent assemblies.

The University Assembly has legislative authority over policies which guide the activities of the Departments of Transportation, Religious Affairs, Health Services, and the Campus Store. An associated structure of committees and boards shall consider and propose policies for their respective departments to the University Assembly. The University Assembly also has legislative authority for those aspects of the conduct of members of Cornell University now covered by the Campus Code of Conduct and the Statement of Student Rights.

Legislative actions of the University Assembly shall be reported to the President of University. In turn, the UA responds to any requests from the President for information or reconsideration of any actions.

The University Assembly may make recommendations to the University Faculty or the respective college faculties in academic matters of concern to the University Assembly.

Academic matters may include curriculum, educational philosophy, tenure policy, and all other academic matters deemed suitable by the University Assembly.

The UA examines other matters which involve the interests or concern the welfare of a substantial segment of the University community and makes recommendations to the appropriate officers or decision-making bodies of the University. Recommendations usually will be made via the President.

To assist in its business, the UA has the right to obtain reports on matters within its area of concern from appropriate University officials.

The UA may establish such standing committees and ad hoc committees as are necessary to the performance of the duties of the University Assembly.

The UA has authority to determine a solution to conflicts when they cannot be resolved between constituency bodies.

Contact UA

109 Day Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255–3715
fx. (607) 255–2182

Hours: 9a - 12:15p, 1p - 4:30p, M - F