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At Cornell, there are five assemblies: constituent assemblies that represent the four major campus constituencies undergraduate students, graduate & professional students, faculty, and staff and a University Assembly in which all constituencies are represented.

The University Assembly (UA) deals with issues of common interest to all members of the Cornell community. It has specific responsibility over the Campus Code of Conduct and the Rules and Regulations for the Control of Traffic and Parking on the Grounds of Cornell University. The UA is also a presumptive stakeholder in major university policy initiatives, including those governed by the university’s policy on formulation of policies. Five faculty, five staff, five undergraduates and three graduate or professional students are appointed by the four constituent assemblies.

The object of the Assembly:
To effect more extensive involvement in campus governance.
Improve and sustain the involvement of the campus community in matters which involve the interests, or concern the welfare, of a substantial segment of the campus community.
Establish open, effective, and efficient channels of communication between and amongst the community and university administration.

The Assembly must approve each appointment or reappointment by the President of the University to the following offices:
Judicial Administrator
University Ombudsman
Judicial Codes Counselor

Campus Code of Conduct
“Public order” provisions require Board of Trustee approval.
Other parts of the Code may be amended by the University Assembly with approval of the President.
The Codes & Judicial Committee (CJC) of the UA deliberates on recommendations for Code changes from the community.
The CJC presents the results of their deliberations to the UA who either sends it back to committee or on to the President for approval.

UA Standing Committees
Codes and Judicial Committee (CJC) reviews and recommends motions related to:
o Campus Code of Conduct
o Creation, maintenance and availability of a Community Bill of Rights.
o Recruitment and appointment of members to the University Hearing and Review Boards

Campus Welfare Committee (CWC) reviews and recommends motions related to:
o Diversity and Inclusion
o Family Support
o Health Services

Campus Infrastructure Committee (CIC) reviews and recommends motions related to:
o Environmental impact and sustainability
o Information technology
o Transportation and Commuter policies

Contact UA

109 Day Hall

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. (607) 255—3715