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Current Assembly

Executive committee


Voting members

Juliana Batistajrb473Undergraduate31 May 2016
Matthew Battagliamab622Undergraduate31 May 2016
Ronald Bookerrb28Faculty31 May 2016
Joseph Burnsjab16Faculty30 Jun 2016
Katherine Herlemankch227Graduate or Professional31 May 2016
Matthew Indiminemi235Undergraduate31 May 2016
Ned La Cellenl85Employee31 May 2016
Ellis Loewerl1Faculty31 May 2016
Greg Mezeygnm5Employee31 May 2016
BJ Siasocobrs35Employee31 May 2016
Ulysses Smithujs3Employee31 May 2017
Pilar Thompsonpav37Employee31 May 2017
Alexander Thomsonact65Graduate or Professional31 May 2016
Richard Walrothrcw244Graduate or Professional31 May 2016

Ex-officio and non-voting members


Current Members

Support Staff

Vishal Bhayavsb23Student Clerk30 Jun 2016
Gabriela Borgesgtb47Student Clerk30 Jun 2016
Gina Giambattistaggc9Assistant Director30 Jun 2016
Brian Murphybjm256Secretariat31 May 2016
Amy O’Donnellaro2Assemblies Coordinator30 Jun 2016
Aastha Wadhwaaw494Student Clerk30 Jun 2016

Current Staff

Past Assemblies

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