Transportation Hearing and Appeals Board

First Name Last Name NetID Uid Membership Type - Role
Bill Leonard wl68 12971 Voting Member - Member
Craig Wiggers cww67 12936 Ex-Officio Member - Chair, Employee Assembly
Savanna Lim sl2646 12655 Voting Member - Member
Ekarina Winarto ew385 12321 Voting Member - Member
Suzanne Willcox smh12 12316 Voting Member - Member
Pilar Thompson pav37 12196 Assembly Manager - Vice Chair for Operations, UA
Kathy Sheils kad13 12060 Voting Member - Member
Lee Lipschutz ll695 11575 Voting Member - Member
Jeramy Kruser jak474 11474 Assembly Manager - Vice Chair for Operations, UA
Pamela Hampton ph55 11225 Office of the Assemblies - Coordinator, Office of the Assemblies
Gina Giambattista ggc9 11155 Office of the Assemblies - Director, Office of the Assemblies
Kevin Fitch kjf4 11088 Chair - Chair
Matthew Battaglia mab622 10692 Voting Member - Member