Student Assembly Executive Cabinet

First Name Last Name NetID Uid Membership Type - Role
Grace Park ghp42 12976 Voting Member - Environmental Committee Chair
Samantha Lustig sl2477 12792 Voting Member - City & Local Affairs Committee Chair
Jaewon Sim js2689 12689 Chair - Vice President for Internal Operations, SA
Savanna Lim sl2646 12655 Voting Member - Communications Committee Chair
Ian Wallace iaw26 12652 Voting Member - Infrastructure Fund Commission Chair
Natalia Hernandez ndh22 12609 Voting Member - Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair (inactive as of 12/05/2018)
Moriah Adeghe ma838 12588 Voting Member - Academic Policy Committee Chair
Shashank Vura sv357 12269 Voting Member - Elections Committee Chair
Cynthia Shen cxs2 12062 Voting Member - Health and Wellness Committee Chair
Deborah Nyakaru dkn22 11801 Voting Member - Financial Aid Review Committee Chair
Pamela Hampton ph55 11225 Voting Member - Elections Committee Chair
Gina Giambattista ggc9 11155 Office of the Assemblies - Director, Office of the Assemblies
Varun Devatha vad33 10990 Ex-Officio Member - President, SA
Dale Barbaria dkb78 10677 Voting Member - Appropriations Committee Chair
Emma Bankier egb63 10673 Voting Member - Dining Services Committee Chair
Joseph Anderson jsa94 10628 Voting Member - Executive Committee Chair