Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Diversity and International Students Committee

First Name Last Name NetID Uid Membership Type - Role
Anna Waymack afw47 12291 Voting Member - Member (inactive as of 02/25/2018)
Theresa Rocha Beardall tyr5 11972 Voting Member - Member
Aravind Natarajan an393 11763 Voting Member - Member
Manisha Munasinghe mam737 11741 Ex-Officio Member - Executive Vice President
Elena Michel ejm339 11694 Voting Member - Member
Alex Loiben aml372 11596 Assembly Manager - Vice President for Internal Operations
Eugene Law epl49 11506 Chair - Chair
Pamela Hampton ph55 11225 Assembly Manager - Coordinator, Office of the Assemblies
Gina Giambattista ggc9 11155 Assembly Manager - Director, Office of the Assemblies
Lucia Borlle lb574 10755 Voting Member - Member