New Member Profiles - Spring 2019 Election


Andrea Haenlin-Mott

Disability Representative At-Large

I currently am the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator for Facilities and Campus Services at Cornell. I have been in this role for the past thirteen years and prior to that I worked in ILR for eleven years on an Americans with Disabilities Act grant. Much of my career has been focused on improving inclusion, awareness and equality for people with disabilities at Cornell University and beyond. Toward that end, the opportunity to serve as the Disability Representative at Large for the Employee Assembly would allow for me to continue the work that I find so important. We have a large population of staff who identify in some way with disability—be it an obvious disability or non-obvious disability that impacts people’s ability to work, learn and earn and be able to participate in all aspects of the benefits and privileges of employment at Cornell. I have had the opportunity to serve as the Facilities and Campus Services Representative on the Employee Assembly and have had a solid understanding of the work of the Employee Assembly and look forward to the opportunity to serve as the Disability Representative. 



Anthony McCabe

Facilities and Campus Services Representative (formerly IPP)

Throughout my lengthy and extensive work career I have always been committed to what I refer to as Organizational Justice for all. During my career of 36 years with the US Postal Service I had always been involved in and supportive of all initiatives to improve the Quality of Work Life and fair treatment of all. I was active on our affirmative action committee back in the mid 80's and have championed programs such as Employee Involvement and Management by Participation. Since working at Cornell in FCS I have consistently applied the core values and leadership principles espoused by the University as the Building care Manager on the West Campus. I believe that inclusion and diversity are the keys to our continues success, and I believe that as a member of the Employee Assembly I would add great value and representation. I am highly collaborative and customer oriented. I possess extensive facilitation and meeting management skills. I purpose as a member of the Cornell Community is to identify opportunities where I can contribute to making a positive impact and improve the the Quality of Life for all students, faculty and staff. It would be an honor to represent FCS as a member of the Employee Assembly.



Brandon Fortenberry

Division of Student & Campus Life Representative


I have worked at Cornell University for over 13 years, and have been fortunate to benefit from so many opportunities provide to me by Cornell in that time. I started my career in Cornell as a member of the Union (UAW) in the SO04 Cook position at 104 West, and have worked my way up to my current position as Director of Catering & Concessions. I must thank Cornell University along with my peers and supervisors for the support I received in getting the training and experience I needed to be able to reach this position. It is for that reason that I am running to represent SCL on the Employee Assembly. In my position I am blessed with the opportunity to interact with the entire SCL division, and am confident that I am uniquely qualified to represent not just the division of Student and Campus Life Enterprise Services, but the entire SCL division at large. I hope to ensure that the Employee Assembly appropriately takes into consideration the tools and resources needed in SCL to achieve the goals of our division while ensuring that employees are able to find the necessary work/life balance in that success.



Brian Goodell

At-Large Representative

I am running because I feel that my experience could be instrumental at accomplishing solutions and goals for the employees on the Employee Assembly. I served on the Employee Assembly 1999-2001. While on the employee assembly I served on the University Assembly, and various other committees. I left when I became the president of UAW 2300 where I continued to serve many of the staff. I believe that the Employee Assembly is a great place where I could be instrumental at identifying concerns relating to the staff. I feel my experience could be helpful in working with the university Administration to seek positive solutions. I have worked at Cornell University since 1990, and I have seen many changes during my time here. I was fortunate to work in many areas and have always been a vocal advocate for those who serve and work at this great institution. I believed when I came to this University that a true leader is someone who helps others succeed, and I still believe this to be true. I also believe that we have a lot of untapped potential here at the University, especially within the employees. If we could tap into this potential, many of our goals could be realized. That is why I plan to listen, and together we will achieve solutions.



Jennifer Michael

College of Architecture, Art & Planning Representative

Representing the employees in AAP would be an honor and a privilege. I'm new to the Cornell Community and working hard to make a difference in such a large place, serving on the Employee Assembly would be a great way to help give a voice to those of us in AAP. I've served on many boards before and represented groups to the administration at my previous schools, I'm not afraid to speak up for what is needed and will be sure to filter all updates back to our community in AAP.



Jessica Withers

Library and Museum Representative

I am running for a seat on the Employee Assembly to ensure that library staff have a voice on topics that affect their work and life. I have worked in Cornell’s library for 12 years, currently as a communications and development assistant. Throughout this time I served on a number of committees within the library, including the Career Development Committee and the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Council; I was also elected to the Library Forum Steering Committee. I recently coordinated the Cornell Portal project which I found very rewarding. I enjoyed working with employees from different departments, and I learned a lot about how the university manages campus-wide projects. If elected to the EA, I hope to build on that experience and deepen my knowledge of wider university affairs and the role of staff within them. I am a thoughtful person who prefers to have information before making a decision, but I find it just as important to take action once a decision is made. Constituents can expect an organized representative who keeps multiple stakeholders informed without overwhelming them. Assembly members can expect a colleague who takes responsibilities seriously and engages intentionally with others.



Joshua Cooley

At-Large Reprsentative

Hello, I have been employed in Facilities and Campus Services for 2 years now and before that as an electrician apprentice then foreperson and general foreperson for a local contractor working on and supervising construction and renovation projects at the university for the better part of 12 years. This past year I joined the United Way Committee in FCS and it made me think, “what else can I do?” So I welcome the opportunity to represent my colleagues in Facilities and Campus Services as a new member of the Employee Assembly. I am happy to bring forth any and all of their pertinent ideas or concerns to this group as well as report back any and all ideas, decisions, statements, and conclusions put forth by the Employee Assembly. Thank you for your consideration.



Laura Taylor

International Representative At-Large​

Laura Taylor has been professionally active in the field of international education since 1995, and has held the role of Associate Director for Faculty & Scholar Services in the Office of Global Learning since July, 2000. Laura specializes in international employment-based immigration practices for international faculty and staff, and is committed to representing the interests of Cornell’s diverse international employees and international initiatives as the at-large international representative on the Employee Assembly.



Rigel Lochner

Health & Safety Representative At-Large​

My name is Rigel Lochner, and I am an Associate Health Physicist in the Radiation Safety Group of the Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management department. I have been employed at Cornell for almost two and a half years. Prior to Cornell, I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Physics (concentration in Health Physics) from Francis Marion University, located in Florence, SC. While at Cornell, I have done my best to work with integrity, trustworthiness, and respect to those around me. My favorite moments at Cornell have been working towards fostering customer-relationships with researchers. I have been grateful that I can support, and be witness to, world-class research that will have a direct impact on how we all live our lives. I’m excited for the opportunity to serve on the Employee Assembly so that I can work with like-minded individuals on university-wide projects/improvements. I’m hoping to focus on issues that are important to employees across campus, and then represent these issues with clarity and tact.



Therese O’Connor

At-Large Representative 

Representing the SCL division at the table will enable me to learn more about the work of this body, as well as bring concerns or ideas to the EA. I have been at Cornell for many years on both the academic and administrative sides. At one point I was a member of the employee education committee of the EA, although that was disbanded. I believe I can offer insight and some "historical perspective" as a member of the EA.