Open Forum - Working Group on Hate Speech and Harassment

The Codes and Judicial Committee (CJC) Working Group on Hate Speech and Harassment (WGHSH) is engaging with the Campus Community to develop proposals for the CJC’s consideration concerning Hate Speech and Harassment and their relationship to the Campus Code of Conduct.

The WGHSH will hold public forums to hear from the Campus Community about these issues and to involve the Campus Community in all stages of the WGHSH process.

Each public forum will be held on two dates to increase the number of people who can attend.  Please feel free to attend any part of or all of the public forums.

PUBLIC FORUM #1: Information Gathering Forum

Friday, March 9, 3:00 – 5:00 PM, in 142 Goldwin Smith Hall.

Wednesday, March 14, 12:00 – 2:00 PM, Room TBD, will follow in later message.

We will provide information about provisions in the Campus Code of Conduct and other Cornell policies.

We are interested in hearing from the Campus Community about the following questions:

  • Q1. Have you had experiences or observed incidents at Cornell (on and off campus) involving hostile statements or actions that resulted in you or others feeling intimidated, threatened, or otherwise unsafe?
  • Q2. How well do you think that these incidents were handled by administrators or other Cornell personnel?
  • Q3. If you do not think they were handled well, how would you have liked them to be handled or addressed?
  • Q4. Do you think that Campus Code of Conduct provisions adequately cover such incidents?
  • Q5. Do you think that there were any problems with the way the Campus Code of Conduct was enforced?



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