Resolution: GPSA R16: Conducting Open Elections for Voting Members for 2021-22 Term

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Dear President Pollack,
It is my pleasure to convey GPSA Resolution 16: Conducting Open Elections for Voting Members for 2021-22 Term. While the GPSA Charter §4.05.A requires that voting members are elected in the second-to-last meeting of the semester, the pandemic has severely restricted the ability of the graduate and professional community to participate in elections. Therefore, the GPSA agrees to hold elections of voting members according to an alternative procedure than that which is outlined in the charter, as it is unable to fulfill these instructions as provided. 
The GPSA is currently accepting nominations for voting members in the graduate school divisions. The voting period will occur from April 27th until the 29th. Then, new voting members will be inducted in our final meeting of the semester on May 3rd.
I will gladly answer any questions or comments upon request. 
Respectfully submitted,
David Dunham
President of the Graduate & Professional Student Assembly
Department of German Studies
G73 Goldwin Smith Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853