Resolution: GPSA R17: Creating Campus-Aware Criteria for Byline Funded Organizations

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Dear President Pollack,
It is my pleasure to convey GPSA Resolution 17: Creating Campus-Aware Criteria for Byline Funded Organizations. This resolution renews Appendix B of the GPSA Charter, which states the eligibility criteria and obligations for byline funded organizations. Furthermore, the resolution presents a series of amendments that bring about the following changes to Appendix B:
  1. The Student Activity Fee shall be passed forward, minus certain deductions, to the group PACT (PhDs at Cornell Tech) in a similar manner as has been done for Masters students at Cornell Tech via the group CTSG (Cornell Tech Student Government).
  2. The byline application procedures for first-time applicants has been amended, such that organizations at smaller campuses may have a greater likelihood of fulfilling the minimum requirements for byline-funded groups.
  3. The byline application procedures has been amended, such that all organizations must identify the campuses at which they offer services to students. This additional information determines the deductions to Cornell Tech as outlined in point 1 above. Unlike previous years, the graduate organization at Cornell Tech shall only be reimbursed the portion of the fee allocated to byline organizations that do not operate at the local NYC campus.
This resolution was introduced to the GPSA at the initiative of PACT, which has previously objected to the lack of SAF-funded activities at the Cornell Tech campus. Thus, this resolution establishes a funding bridge for graduate student groups there, until which point PACT and CTSG (Cornell Tech Student Government, representing Masters students) can obtain byline funding within the GPSA.
We understand that the complexity of this new Appendix B may present obstacles to implementation. Therefore, I will gladly meet to discuss these obstacles with whomever desires to do so.
Respectfully submitted,
David Dunham
President of the Graduate & Professional Student Assembly
Department of German Studies
G73 Goldwin Smith Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853