Resolution: GPSA R8: Maintaining the University Assembly’s Jurisdiction Over the Code of Conduct

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Dear David,
I am writing to acknowledge and to thank you for sharing GPSA resolution 8: “Maintaining the University Assembly’s Jurisdiction Over the Code of Conduct” for my consideration. As you know, after deep consideration of the campus community’s perspectives, the Board of Trustees adopted a new Student Code of Conduct and Procedures at its December 10 meeting. 
While the day-to-day administration of the code and procedures will now reside with Student & Campus Life (SCL), the UA will remain an important partner, and the new code ensures that ongoing collaborative engagement with the UA and the university’s other constituent assemblies will continue. The code also indicates that the vice president for SCL or their designee will chair and convene a standing “Code and Procedures Review Committee” that will include representatives from the Student Assembly (SA) and the Graduate Student and Professional Assembly (GPSA), to provide advisory input on proposed amendments to either the code or the procedures. Further, any assembly of the University (UA, SA, GPSA, Faculty Senate, or Employee Assembly) may propose amendments to either the Code or the Procedures, which will be reviewed by the Committee.  
I appreciate the GPSA’s input on this process, and look forward to the continued partnership of Cornell’s shared governance bodies.
Martha E. Pollack
Martha E. Pollack
President, Cornell University
300 Day Hall
Ithaca, NY  14853