Resolution: UA R24: Finalizing Housekeeping Amendments to the Campus Code of Conduct

ActionAdopted by the Assembly

Hi Pam and Gina,

I hope you are doing well! 

I am just updating you on the status of UA R24. On Tuesday, I allocated approximately 50 hours for the Assembly to vote in favor of UA R24 (which I see you have already posted on the website - thank you).

I requested that the membership send (Elena and) me their votes and I received 14 responses. 13 in favor, one against, and no abstentions. I have cast my vote in favor of the resolution, giving it 14 votes, more than a majority of the Assembly. 

For the sake of transparency, here is the vote breakdown: 

In Favor (14)

Robert Howarth

Alexa Cohn

Elena Michel

Joseph Anderson

Matthew Battaglia

Richard Bensel

Martin Hatch

Christopher Schott

Jeramy Kruser

Linda Copman

Katherine Quinn

Marie de Roos

Ellis Loew

Gabe Kaufman


Opposed (1)

Craig Wiggers


Abstain (0)


"Not Present" = Did Not Participate (5)

Ekarina Winarto

Charles Van Loan

Jung Won Kim

Kevin Fitch

Vincenzo Guido

Therefore, Resolution 24, "Finalizing Housekeeping Amendments to the Campus Code of Conduct" has been approved by the University Assembly by a vote of 14-1-0, with five members not "present." This is very exciting! 

I will convey this resolution as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your help with this. 



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