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Archive Website (History and Records of the Assemblies from 2006-2016)*

*Prior years' history in bound printed volumes, available for review in the Office of the Assemblies, 109 Day Hall, during regular business hours.

University Assembly

Resolution Status Abstract Last Updated Term
23 Resolution 23: UA R23: U.A. Resolution # 23 Recognition of Outstanding Support for the Campus Judicial System During the AY 2018 Legislative Session Waiting for Submission to President This resolution recognizes the University Assembly's Outstanding Support for the Campus Judicial System During the AY 2018 Legislative Session. 05/13/2018 6:52pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
22 Resolution 22: UA R22: U.A. Resolution # 22 Bylaws Change Institutionalizing the Staffing Procedure for the University Hearing and Review Boards Adopted This resolution seeks to clarify and codify the process of staffing the University Hearing and Review Boards. 05/13/2018 6:49pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
21 Resolution 21: UA R21: UA 21: U.A. Resolution # 21 Updating the Judicial Administrator Reappointment Process Waiting for Submission to President This resolution seeks to update and clarify the reappointment process for the Judicial Administrator. 05/13/2018 6:36pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
20 Resolution 20: UA R20: UA R20: Recognition of Outstanding Support to AY 2018 University Assembly Waiting for Submission to President The Assembly formally recognizes the support of the following Offices, administrative units, and committees: The Office of the Judicial Administrator, The Office of the Judicial Codes Counselor, The Office of the University Ombudsman, University Assembly Codes and Judicial Committee, University Assembly Campus Welfare Committee, University Assembly Campus Infrastructure Committee, University Assembly Executive Committee, and the Office of the Assemblies. 05/13/2018 6:10pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
19 Resolution 19: UA R19: UA R19: Affirming Cornell’s Commitment to Ethical Investments and Financial Transparency Waiting for Submission to President The University Assembly requests that Cornell University make a commitment to ethical investing and operational transparency; and that the University conduct a due diligence investigation of its holdings with the Baupost Group and other investment partners for Puerto Rican debt and report said findings confidentially to the UA Budget Planning Committee for further feedback. 05/13/2018 6:00pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
18 Resolution 18: UA R18: UA R18: Call for the Development of a Cornell Comprehensive Transportation Plan Waiting for Submission to President The University Assembly requests that President Martha Pollack direct the appropriate planning, safety, and facilities sectors of the university, coordinating with local transportation planning, facilities, and safety organizations and agencies engaged in transportation planning for the region, beginning in Spring 2019, to advance a comprehensive transportation study that will lead to the development of Comprehensive Transportation Plan. 05/13/2018 5:51pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
17 Resolution 17: UA R17: UA R17: In Support of Cornell Employee Assembly Resolution #11: Promoting Staff Participation in Cornell Campus Climate Change Literacy Goals Waiting for Submission to President The University Assembly strongly supports the previously conveyed Employee Assembly Resolution 11, which aims to promote staff participation in Cornell Campus Climate Change Literacy Goals. 05/13/2018 5:39pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
16 Resolution 16: UA R16: UA R16: Examining Cornell’s Policies for Temporary Disability Parking to Ensure Financial Accessibility and Equal Access Waiting for Submission to President The University Assembly requests that the University Administration and the Office of Student and Campus Life examine the usage of Student Disability Services and ensure that it and its appurtenant programs are adequately resourced. The Assembly also requests that the Office of Transportation Services provide an update on this matter to the Assembly during the Fall 2018 Semester including follow-up steps taken. 05/13/2018 5:30pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
15 Resolution 15: UA R15: UA R15: Opposing the Merger of the College of Human Ecology and the ILR School Submitted to the President The University Assembly encourages the President to respect the will of the faculty of the two colleges and formally state her opposition to the proposed merger of the College of Human Ecology and the ILR School. 05/25/2018 1:25pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
14 Resolution 14: UA R14: Making Cornell's Economics program STEM-certified Submitted to the President Request that the University apply to the New York State Department of Education for the reclassification of the Cornell Economics major. 05/15/2018 3:16pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
13 Resolution 13: UA R13: Risley Crosswalk Resolution Submitted to the President The SAIFC urges the administration to take swift action to implement a crosswalk. 05/15/2018 3:18pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
12 Resolution 12: UA R12: Increasing Access to Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Campus Tabled Indefinitely Request that Cornell University set the goal for itself that every building on campus will contain at least one gender neutral bathroom and residential buildings housing more than 400 people contain at least 2. 05/02/2018 2:39pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
11 Resolution 11: UA R11: Accepting President’s Proposal of a One-Year Term Extension for the Judicial Administrator Adopted This resolution accepts the President's proposal to extend the term of the current Judicial Administrator by one year, during which a new re-appointment process will be developed. 05/08/2018 3:28pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
10 Resolution 10: UA R10: In Support of E.A. R. 8: Furthering the Institutional Commitment to All LGBTQ+ Members of the Cornell Community Submitted to the President This resolution reiterates the recommendation from the Employee Assembly for the Division of Student & Campus Life and the Office of the Dean of Students to rescind the directive for the LGBTRC to no longer serve the ongoing support and educational needs of staff and faculty. It also reiterates the recommendation that the Divisions of Human Resources and Student & Campus Life should identify the resources to fully fund and staff (3) additional full-time, long-term professional staff position in the LGBTRC. 05/15/2018 3:21pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
9 Resolution 9: UA R9: Reinstating the Budget Planning Committee Submitted to the President The University Assembly formally requests that the president and provost, and the University Assembly reinstate the Budget Planning Committee as an associated committee of the University Assembly, to convene its first meeting in September 2018. 05/15/2018 2:57pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
8 Resolution 8: UA R8: Request for Documents Relating to Mental Health Tabled Indefinitely Request that the documents from the most recent 37 external assessment provided by the JED Foundation along with the documents from their subsequent visit to Cornell’s campus this past summer be released to the public, and that administrators and staff involved in reviewing the JED Foundation assessment and identifying areas within Cornell’s mental health framework and initiatives that require further attention attend a University Assembly meeting to answer public questions. 02/28/2018 2:59pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
7 Resolution 7: UA R7: Charter Change Supporting the Office of the Complainant’s Advisor Rejected Changing the University Assembly Charter to include the provision that the Assembly approve each appointment or reappointment by the President of the University for the Complainant Advisor position. 04/02/2018 12:43pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
6 Resolution 6: UA R6: Integrating Sustainable Investments into Endowment Reports Submitted to the President Specific actions requested of President Pollack and the Board of Trustees to integrate sustainable investments into endowment reports. 01/23/2018 12:35pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
5 Resolution 5: UA R5: Bylaws Change Clarifying the Charge of the Codes & Judicial Committee Waiting for Submission to President Requests the University Assembly as a Policy 4.1 stakeholder in Policy 6.4 (or its successor); the Assembly’s approval of the Guidelines for the Display of Religious Symbols contained within the University’s Fire Safety Guidelines for Holiday Displays; and written behavioral policies regarding non-matriculated minors who are outside the full Campus Code of Conduct. 03/07/2018 5:53pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
4 Resolution 4: UA R4: Addressing Housekeeping Changes and Laying the Groundwork for a Holistic Evaluation of the Campus Code of Conduct Returned by President Addressing Housekeeping Changes and Laying the Groundwork for a Holistic Evaluation of the Campus Code of Conduct 12/07/2017 2:42pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
3 Resolution 3: UA R3: Calling for the Development of a Strategic Plan Returned by President University Assembly formally requests that the president and provost of Cornell University initiate a strategic planning process to begin in fall 2018 and be completed by spring of 2019. 05/22/2018 12:07pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
2 Resolution 2: UA R2: Condemning Hate Crimes Committee Review This resolution condemns violent, racist actions and calls on all members of the Cornell community to join us in this condemnation. 02/28/2018 3:31pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
1 Resolution 1: UA R1: Appointment of University Hearing Board and University Review Board Members for Academic Year 2017-2018 Adopted This resolution appoints members to the University Hearing Board & University Review Board (UHRB) for a two-year term. 02/27/2018 3:54pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018