Student Activities Funding Commission (SAFC)

The Student Activities Funding Commission (SAFC) is responsible for allocating a portion of the undergraduate student activity fee, which is a component of each student's Tuition and Fees collected by the Office of the Bursar, and is tasked with allocating over $1.5 million to various student organizations at Cornell. Each year, over 500 registered student organizations benefit from the receipt of SAFC funds.

For more information and comprehensive, step-by-step lists for each stage of funding, view Guidelines, Applying for Funds (this page includes allocation process too) and Spending Funds.

How the Funding Process Works

Each semester, groups apply for funds, the SAFC allocates funds, and groups spend funds. This leads to three levels of funding: (1) funds applied for, (2) allocated funds, and (3) spent funds. The Funding Process consists of the following basic steps:

  • Groups apply for funds
    • Registered organizations submit budgets using CampusGroups
    • Applications include requests for supported expenses and required documentation
  • SAFC Allocates funds
    • SAFC reviews budgets and releases preliminary allocations
    • SAFC holds hearings and reviews new documentation
    • SAFC finalizes each group's allocation
  • Groups Spend Allocated Funds
    • Groups use direct payment to pay service vendors and other expenses
    • Individuals are reimbursed for travel and durable goods purchases