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Welcome to the Employee Assembly


The EA consists of nineteen members committed to providing employees with a means of continuous involvement in the governance of the affairs and life of the University. Working closely with members of the administration, the EA encourages a higher visibility for employees as community members, more equal participation with faculty and students in the policy-making process, and an increased sense of community among all constituencies through shared responsibilities.



  • Watch the Staff Notes video and read past editions of the EA News under the Documents section of our website.




Site Sections

Past and current assembly members
Schedules, agendas and minutes of meetings
Rules and other documents produced by the assembly
Reports of formal motions considered or adopted by the assembly and any followup activities associated with those motions
Information about assembly committees, including what they do, how they are staffed, minutes and agendas
About the Assembly
Some basic information about the Employee Assembly
George Peter Award for Dedicated Service
Awarded to Cornell staff members who consistently demonstrate a high degree of excellence in the performance of their duties and who prove their willingness to extend themselves to help others and go above and beyond the normal expectations of their job responsibilities. details>>